Rep. Ilhan Omar engages in some anti-semitic tropes


Kind of tired of the rational that anyone who doesn’t bend of over backwards to placate a NATION is deemed anti-Semitic.

Israel is a nation.


It never ceases to amaze me how anti-semitism is somehow the one thing both the far left and the far right regularly engage in and both sides seem ready to excuse.


Oh, oh…guess who just got a verbal spanking from Nancy Pissedlosi?


Ilhan Omar is a nutjob in a hijab


I have plenty of criticism for the state of Israel, but the notion that congresspeople are pro-Israel solely because of “Jew money” is flirting with an anti-Semitic trope. Having grown up in and still connected with evangelical Christian circles, Jewish lobbying has nothing to do with a large segment of pro-Israel sentiment.


I am going to take a guess, and say it’s because he see’s the effects of this in his own country were the labour party has been in constant criticism of this type of antisemitism, and maybe is giving us a warning? I could be wrong.


Response from Omar. Live and learn.


This should basically be the last straw. From this point on, I think her words need to be beyond reproach from accusations of anti-Semitism or she should resign.


Why should the democrats say anything…soon Muslim will it they haven’t already out number Jews.

It’s all about catering to majority of demographics.


Agreed. Hopefully most trump supporters will do the same thing when fat donald spews his racist dog whistles, but I ain’t gonna hold my breath.


Pelosi would be wise to take away her committee assignment just like Rep leadership did to Steven King


She just might, nobody ■■■■■ with Pelosi.


I wonder if Omar has spoken out about the human rights situation in her home country of Somalia with the same fervor/frequency that she speaks when it comes to the Jewish state


Yeah she’s under a microscope now. Hand over the social media to someone else.

It’s a good response from her though.


There is a handle with Rothschilds on it. That should be a pretty big sign.


Are you joking? You can look at that cartoon and try and twist it into something not anti-semitic? It’s literally portraying him as a puppetmaster alongside the Rothschilds. It rarely gets more explicit.


Good, no soft pedalling.


Is there a gov’t in somalia to criticize? Its a mess of a country,

the country that should be criticized by all thinking US citizens is Saudi Arabia.

Now there is a walking human rights violator who leads the country,



No, but the accusations that Jews are secretly controlling various Govts is a very old slur. The Jewish puppetmaster / international financier.

An imperfect analogue might be the ape comparison with blacks. Comparing someone to an ape isn’t inherently racist, but there is a history involved when it comes to the black community.

And whilst complaining about foreign interference with domestic politics isn’t inherently xenophobic or bigoted, complaints about supposed Jewish interference also has a history to it. There is the old dual loyalty trope about Jews as well that plays into this.


She “unequivocally “ apologized, I wish Steve King would’ve apologized the same way.:worried:

Mr. Speaker, I regret the heartburn that has poured forth upon this Congress and this country and especially in my state and in my congressional district,”