Rep. George Santos charged by Justice Department in federal probe

Ok, this wins the prize for the being the absolutely LEAST surprising news of the millenium.


Of course, he is as guilty as can ■■■■■■■ be.

I don’t think there is another person as packed with corruption as he.

Charges are under seal, but should be revealed when he surrenders for arraignment, perhaps as soon as tomorrow.


I was wondering when that shoe would drop.

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Campaign finance aspect is the lowest hanging fruit of all this, but I am sure this goes even farther.

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It’s appropriate. Too bad the Justice Department didn’t do the same years ago when Biden began his career of lies and fabrications … we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today.


I suspect that he won’t be kicked out, I wonder how much longer he can hold on.

Wouldn’t it be funny if he just ran?

Hoped a flight out of Dulles to Dubai, or something like that?

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He should cut his losses and plead out. He can’t escape conviction, even a cursory review of the evidence points to his guilt on campaign finance charges.

If he pleads out, he will certainly be required to resign from Congress as a condition of the deal.

If he did, that could be viewed as “job abandonment” and if Congress doesn’t do so, a court might rule that he has effectively abandoned and thus forfeited his seat by running.

I bet he fights to the bitter end.

He would be a fool.

Multiple campaign finance charges have the potential to put him away for decades. If he pleads out up front, he likely gets off with less than 5 years.

Does anything about his behavior thus far lead you to think he will be a rational actor? :smile:

If he is convicted of a felony he needs to go regardless of the balance in congress.

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He is not a rational actor. But when his lawyer explains to him the difference in prison sentence from trial, versus that of a plea, maybe he will have a moment of lucidity. :smile:

Too bad.

He brought the funn to the party.

Two nn. Twice the funn.

He probably doesn’t have the campaign finance chops to beat this.

He did have enough hot air to win the seat.

Throw him in with the Jan 6 examples of opposition imprisonment.

Good. Lock him up.


He’s a crook. And crazy.

Than we be locking up lot of people. :wink:

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Starting with the “Big Guy”.


Bring some evidence, give it to a DA, indict Biden.

There is loads of evidence of malfeasance by Santos. This is an easy case.