Rep. Amash holds townhall and dicusses impeachment

It’s called…the law and the lawyers that assisted Mr. Mueller who had opposite political views from Trump, put the law ahead of their “feelings”. It’s a novel concept that maybe…you should try?

You had your chance small fry.

Instead of a 400 page report, make a YouTube video and certain people will come around. :rofl:


Feelings? It appears that you’re in yours. You don’t want your lord and savior DJT out of office, I get it. However, understand this the man has to go either by the ballot or impeachment. I prefer the ballot.

Oh no’s!

I’m satisfied with the Mueller report and it’s conclusions but who ever started this thread…disagrees based on their feelings towards the “matter”. You’ve been given the chance to pull the evidence from this report and show the facts but…all we have here are feelings. Tell em MB.

With a talking cat.

Millions of views.

Have you read the Mueller Report?

Ahhhh…the voice of sanity. Here’s your big chance. Post from the report, what it is that supports either an indictment or impeachment?

Hey…if the charge don’t fit, you must acquit. :sunglasses:

There are plenty of examples of obstruction in the second part of the report.

One should find disturbing though the lying and coverup attempts during the campaign to hide the fact that Candidate Trump was concurrently working on a real estate deal in Moscow while running for the office of the President.

There is further problems that the investigation was unable to make determinations about behavior during the campaign because of destruction of emails and use of WhatsApp to hide the activity.

People really should read the thing. It isn’t that long and it is written in pretty plain English.

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You wasted your time, certain people will support dear-leader no matter what he says or does.


I watched the brief exchange between the trump supporter MAGA hat lady and Amash, it was embarrassing. Kool-aid was mentioned.

The “I don’t agree with many of your stances,” says it all. He may have gotten a good feel from that crowd, but they aren’t going to be voting for him if he gets the nomination again.
And they likely won’t be deciding the primary if someone runs against him.
But at least he got a good feel moment.

Can’t go against their lord and savior, that’s a no, no.


Trump is god…

Second this, although Donald will squeal that the only reason he lost was because the Deep State allowed hundreds of millions of illegal immigrants to vote.