Rep. Amash holds townhall and dicusses impeachment

Rep. Justin Amash is a lonely man in Congress, the sole Republican to back Donald Trump’s removal from office. But back home on Tuesday night, the Michigan lawmaker got the red-carpet treatment in his first face-to-face encounter with voters since his call for impeachment.

During a packed town hall in Grand Rapids, attendees in the mostly-friendly audience gave Amash several standing ovations and heaps of praise for his solo rebellion against Trump.

“I don’t agree with many of your stances, but I applaud your courage and your morality that seems to be lacking in [Washington]. So thank you,” said one woman in the crowd, drawing cheers from the audience.

Tuesday’s town hall marked Amash’s first public appearance since he declared on Twitter earlier this month that Trump committed impeachable offenses and obstructed justice — a remarkable act of defiance, even for a longtime Trump critic, that has put his congressional career on the line while provoking Trump and the GOP.

FINALLY!!! Someone from the GOP on capital hill brave enough to step out to tell the truth. I watched some of this last night and the one thing that stood out that many of his colleagues privately agree with him, but scared to say something due possible back lash from their constituents and of course the president.

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Clearly this guy hates America.

Why can’t we send him to Cuba or Venezuela?

In seriousness, I think America and Congress are a long way away from even thinking of bringing up articles of impeachment without severe backlash.

Now lets see if the rest of the elected cowards in the Republican party grow a spine… or if they prefer being Trump’s fluffers.

I agree. I personally don’t think it would happen. I much rather want the voters of here in America to get him out in the voting booth.

Trump nickname for this guy coming in 3…2…1…

It’s crazy how the people who read the report and in favor of impeachment.


Holding office and party is more important than America and her people.

Yeah, I agree.

In VA, there are some elections coming up in June, and I already saw a political ad. The woman running for State Senate focused on healthcare. She lumped Trump in with her opponent as being out of touch with what middle class Americans need.

This was a good example of what the Democrats need to focus on, not impeachment, or how rude and disgusting Trump is as a person.

Bam…he made his bed. Now let’s if his constituents reelect him? I’m going with…no.

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Since you’ve read this entire 400 plus page report…post exactly what it is that you believe supports impeachment?

Right right right. You will totally believe me. Even though I am not an Aussie recording a video in his moms basement.


Bored now.

Seriously, impeach him. See what happens.

Since you’ve read this entire 400 plus page report…post exactly what it is that you believe that doesn’t supports impeachment?

I can play this game too.

Don’t shy away now. Everybody knows you didn’t write the “Mueller” report but you’ve stated how Trumpsters don’t have your IQ that’s necessary to see the evidence with in this report that demands impeachment so…post it so this low IQ guy can follow along with your wisdom. That’s simple enough?

It’s called…no indictments.

I said nothing about IQ. Please don’t lie about me. I mentioned that most who read it are in favor of impeachment. Sorry if the facts are hard for you. Maybe read the report?

You mean the same people who pushed the collusion conspiracy hoax for 2+ years.

Yeah, exact same people.

In other words…you’re all talk and can’t back it up? Wow…I expected more from someone so enlightened? Going forward…since you can’t put up, will you…?

It’s call political prophylactics

Yet still you will not read the report. Lol. That says a lot.