Renaming fort hood

a group of texas vets want to rename fort hood for Special Forces Master Sgt. Roy Benavidez.

a true hero and medal of honor winner

wounded by a landmine and told he’d never walk again.
not only did he walk again he joined the special forces

a few years later he rescued his 12 man team when they were pinned down.

Despite being wounded in the face, head, and right leg, Benavidez dragged wounded team members onto a helicopter. He was then wounded in the back and abdomen.

the chopped then crashed.
he rescued the wounded men again and called in airstrikes to push the enemy back
an enemy soldier attacked him and stabbed him in both arms before he killed him with his knife

by the time he got back to base he was assumed dead and was being zipped into a body bag when he spit to show he was alive.

he was awarded the medal of honor and passed away in 1998.

and unlike hood who was never even in texas and was a traitor benavidez was a native texan.

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