Remove Trump now

Trump is the chief executive. His job is to run the federal government’s apparatus. His job is not to decide matters that are reserved for the Legislative branch to decide, however slow and dysfunctional the Legislative branch may be. Right now he is blocking the entire federal government from operating, because he wants the Legislative branch to decide something as he alone sees fit. This is a gross dereliction of duty and he should be removed from office for refusing to work.

(This is putting aside a different issue - whether he is an agent of a foreign power seeking to undermine and harm the United States. That would be treason. As of yet we have circumstantial evidence of this but no direct evidence.)

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Agree with you 100%. Invoke the 25th.

Trump is Cool… He’s an equal part of Govt.

Technically, the Republicans are blocking the government from re-opening at the direction of Donald Trump.

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Definitely a legitimate argument, but I think it’s too early. Give it a little more time and it will be, though.

So we can blame Trump and all of the GOP. I’m with that.

Where were you in 2013 when Obama refused to approve a funding bill unless it contained funds for the implementation of the ACA?

Not a legitimate argument. Trump is only using, or threatening to use, his veto power over legislation as granted by the Constitution.

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Where were you when the republicans “added” that little bit of legislation to the bill, just like they did in the current bill.