Remember when Trump labeled countries "murder capitals" and told immigrants to stay home?

Actually that is what Kamala Harris has said about immigration from Central America:

Meanwhile Harris is touting the administration’s policy as record numbers are held in detention at the border:

. . . “we have seen extreme progress over these last few months.” But statistics indicate otherwise as critics attribute the surge to Biden’s policies. The number of US-Mexico border detentions hit a 21-year monthly high of more than 180,000 in May. Nearly 179,000 people were detained in April.

Kamala Harris touts ‘progress’ at border despite record surge under Biden (

And the BBC reports COVID is spreading rapidly among immigrant children in filthy, overcrowded detention camps. There are also reports of sexual abuse:

A number of tents have also been set up just to accommodate the large numbers of sick children - the children have nicknamed it ‘Covid city’.

“Hundreds of children have tested positive for Covid,” said one employee who asked to remain anonymous because staff are banned from speaking about the camp. . .

“Lice has been rampant,” an employee told the BBC. “And one of the major shortages has been lice kits.” Staff said a tent of around 800 girls was locked down last month because of lice. . .

There are reports of staff sexually abusing children at the Fort Bliss camp.

The mainstream media would be running hair-on-fire reports day and night if these conditions existed under Trump. They barely get a mention with Harris in charge.

Have Biden and Harris taken a bad situation and made it worse?

Are they tacitly recognizing Trump was right as they belatedly reverse direction on their open-border policy?


She likes for people to think she cares. She doesn’t.


It seems that the primary consideration is what is politically expedient.

That is nothing new for politicians, but Harris seems to be taking it to a new level.


Actions speak louder than words.

Lol like you guys care.


You guys really like using the term “Open border”. How about some facts:

As you will note from the article, little has changed under Biden.

It’s all about democrat party…the party of Jim Crow.

Were immigrants wearing Trump tee shirts at the border?

Were there reports of Trump secretly flying immigrants away from the border?

Were taxpayers paying for immigrant flights from Central America?

why dont you try to remark on the idiotic ■■■■ idiot democrats say here instead of the posters?

You guys enthusiastically supported this until something changed, can’t put my finger on what exactly.

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So what? If Trump could have sold tee shirts at the border and make a profit he would have.
These folks are being lied to. They are being told that since Biden is POTUS he will let them it. It’s a scam for some folks to make money on a lie.
And your article about flying the kids around is silly. Every heard of lateral flights?
And the children that are not being deported are being reunited with their parents.
And the pathways article is also silly. A pathway is one thing. Changing immigration laws to allow more people in is different. Oh, and that hasn’t happened.

Biden reversed the remain-in-Mexico policy that Trump implemented and ended deportations for 100 days immediately after taking office. What could go wrong with that?

Tell me, what went wrong? The 100 days were up over a month ago. And reversing some of Trump’s policies just means that on some things we went back to where things were before Trump took office.
Like I said, you guys like saying “open borders” when Biden has done no such thing. And Biden requested a detailed report of what the current status of immigration. And that report is going to Congress and Biden has requested that Congress review and make needed changes to our immigration policy. Want to bet what that outcome will be?

Harris was saying everyone should be welcome with open arms. She also proposed disbanding ICE and implied that ICE was like the KKK.

Now she is telling immigrants to stay home. By her own standards, has she become a racist xenophobe?

Or is she just admitting that Trump had the right policies all along?

Why are you comparing what she said as a Senator and what she is saying as VP? That is silly.
And many have proposed disbanding ICE and folks on the right jumped on it like they do with “open borders”. Every person who has suggested disbanding ICE has also said that it should be replaced with a new agency which will do a better job and spend tax-payers money more efficiently.

Then you agree with her grand rhetoric was just political posturing and she knew open borders would be impractical?

No Democrat in the Biden administration or on the hill has ever proposed a totally open border. That is a CEC myth that you guys seem to buy into hook, line and sinker.


Have you all seen the motorcade for Harris? Unbelievable. The amount of greenhouse that she put out?

Do you know who dictates the formation of the motorcade for the POTUS or VPOTUS?

(Waving hand in air) Ooh, ooh, Secret Service?

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