Remember when militia groups and white nationalists were the greatest threat?

This is a wild take on things.

Yes, most of the reports about Ukraine are propaganda from what I see.

Putin implies that Ukraine is overrun with neo-Nazis. American media ignore the Azov Battalion completely in recent reports.

Both are pushing propaganda to support state-approved narratives.

Anyone who knows anything understands that the Azov Battalion are Ukranian Nationalist Neo-Nazis.

This very strange attempt at finding some equivalency in that and Putin launching an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is so very very very bizarre.

I just can’t understand the point behind such a thing.

Smearing opponents as Nazis as a pretext for armed intervention is hardly unique to Putin.

It is straight from the Biden/FBI/Trudeau playbooks.

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Just bizarre man… bizarre

Yes, it is bizarre to compare reporting in the US media to that from past military actions.

The Russian spin is working hard.

out of the 200,000 + military forces of Ukraine maybe 1,000 are part of that Neo-Nazi unit.

Greenwald used to be a serious Journalist. Sad that he chose a different path.

No one should listen to Cernovich about anything… Ever.

I mean… a dude who pushed Pizzagate talking about disinfo… it is just too much.

Yes, the Azov Battalion is tiny part compared to the Ukrainian Army. On the other hand they are the most radical and appear to be outside of the control of the Ukrainian government.

How many of the civilian casualties in the festering war in Donbas were the result of the NATO-supported Azov Battalion?

how many people did Putin kill in the last two days?

If you have any information the refutes Cernovich’s claims, then provide it. Here is an example:

Ghost jet was fake.

Cernovich pushed Pizzagate.

Full Stop.

Use better people when making points and maybe the points will be taken more seriously.

Russian warship, go ■■■■ yourself.

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Yes, that is the story from the Ukrainian government. Russia claims to have captured the Ukrainians after they surrendered.

I expect that there will be little mention of the story in the American media if Russia produces video evidence of the “dead” soldiers being alive and safely in Russian custody.

Russia can go ■■■■ themselves.


It is a good story that is repeated in the western media without any questions.

Here is a similar one:

If the intent was to confuse the Russians, wouldn’t it be better to leave actual names of cities on the signs and point them in the wrong direction? In the era of GPS, would it even matter?

Or are the “signs” just the product of a photoshop artist?

Russia can go ■■■■ itself,
I hope they drive into the sea.

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Yes, there are a few neo NAZIs in Ukraine. But they are only a handful and have no real power. Putin is trying to broad brush all Ukrainians as neo NAZIs because of the actions of a few. This is a cheap authoritarian political ploy.
It is different than in theUS where Democrats are trying t….

Never mind.


It is wild that Aaron Mate would make up something that didn’t happen to kinda justify something that did.