Remember when GWB was the devil incarnate?

I do. But listening to his eulogy for his Father actually makes me miss a president that could deliver a speech with class and coherency. Amazing that I don’t want to dance on his grave anymore. Thanks Trump

Never cared much for W, but in retrospect I will say this for him … I’ll never again take for granted a president that behaves like a sane adult human being. The first 44 presidents gave me a complacent presumption of several expectations for the office that I now realize are pure fiction.


If you go look at leftist “Resistance” type Twitter, you’ll see there’s no love lost there for W.

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And yet during his presidency those were the same people that blindly supported W and accused anyone who didnt of being a traitor…

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In 2004, 2005, and 2006, before the right memory-holed the Iraq war and decided to blame it on liberals, while nominating a guy who lied about his opposition to the war before it started (that was back when liberals were called traitors and terrorist lovers for their opposition) . . . . we regularly had arguments here in which wingnuts claimed that Saddam had lots and lots of dangerous WMDs and that an alliance between him and AQ was behind 9/11. Qanon is stoopid and silly, but it’s probably less harmful, as a practical matter, than that ■■■■■■■■■


What do you ‘‘when’’.

He still will go the worst president since the beginning of the 20th century(Unless Dumb Donnie does something really stupid)

Trump will go down as merely the inept/corrupt.

I remember. I though GW was a horrible president. At the time easily the worst I had lived through.

Now, considering the corrupt criminal in office right now, I’d love to have GW back. That’s how bad Trump is.

He’s not the devil.

He meant well.

His actions have done more damage to the country (and world) than any president in modern history. Including Trump, as awful as he is.

But if you have W back, you have to take Cheney too. It’s a package deal.

It’s amazing what Donald Trump has done in such a short amount of time… he made GW look not so bad. We are talking about Iraq War, Wall Street crash GW.

Ugh, that just gave me the shivers.

Yep. GHW Bush was called a racist for Willie Horton. Something that was totally false because his ads never showed Horton nor made a point of nor mentioned his race.
And then there was the pardon of Weinberger, which would have definitely gotten Trump impeached for obstruction.
The Dem media seems to forget and forgive once a Republican is no longer around.

And yes GWB always had a better personality and talked nicer of people than Trump (who doesn’t?). But then Trump didn’t give us the Iraq war.

W just looks better right now because Trump is the devil we have before us now.
Trump is mostly inept/corrupt.

What W did was truly devastating. In the long view of history W will be, by far the worst the false Iraq War, Wall Street crash .

Huh? What?

You know who else thought it was a racist ad? Lee Atwater’s old partner, Roger Stone. Think about that for a minute: “And I said, ‘That’s a huge mistake. You and George Bush will wear that to your grave. It’s a racist ad! You’re already winning this issue! It’s working for you! You’re stepping over a line and you’re gonna regret it.”

And you know what? Atwater did regret it: he apologized when he was dying of cancer.

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Ok. I was not aware of that ad. Anyone approved of that was wrong.

. "After clearing the ad with television stations, McCarthy added a menacing mug shot of Horton, who is African American.[15] The ad was run as an independent expenditure(, separate from the Bush campaign, which claimed not to have had any role in its production.[16]

Yep, 8 years of a socialist Hussein Obama will do that.

His ads did show Willie Horton.
GHW Bush was a very negative campaigner- both in the 1988 primary and the general election. He maintained the kind, gentleman facade and did his dirty work through henchmen- Lee Atwater, John Sununu etc.

GW Bush? Class and coherency? I think you have him confused with Elmer Fudd or Porky Pig.

GWB is still a pariah to the Republican party, so much that no one dares utter his name or have him speak at the RNC during elections. History won’t be kind to his Presidency unless they whitewash his legacy like Reagan. Trump’s presidency may undo that sentiment towards Bush as he now doesn’t look so bad on the surface.