Remember the Ebola scare or 2014? Clawback of Ebola funds in 2018?

There is a new outbreak in the Congo.

Yet our esteemed President wants to clawback Ebola funds.

"Earlier in the week, former Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance chief Jeremy Konyndyk told The Hill that the funds should stay in place in case of a new outbreak.

The funds, he said, “in effect had the potential to function as something we very, very badly need, which is a contingency fund for significant large-scale disease outbreak.”

LOL. If Ebola did hit the American Continent again, I want the US to be fully prepared.


Oh God, please don’t let all the Ebola threads start again. That ■■■■ was maddening.

a lot has changed the WHO has over 4,000 vaccine ready to ship to the Congo.

All the threads are on a boat and are about to be released through the port of newark. My imaginary friend told me that


On this…we agree. The US has too much to lose to not have all necessary tools to combat a potential outbreak…ready to go. The only problem I can see right now is…it’s a very scary thing to agree with Pelosi.:sunglasses:

Of my 10 odd years on the old forum (shudder), the whole ebola scare was definitely one of the dumbest occurrences.

Everyone knows ebola is a black people disease. When trump calls for a complete and total shutdown of black foreigners entering our country we’ll have nothing to worry about anymore.

I bet you libs will be screaming about how that’s racist or whatever, but deep down you know trump is just protecting america.

of course. some wonk in the freedom caucus does this because its contingency funds and says we can cut this.

Of course Trump doesnt know what he is cutting, so once he learns that they are ebola funds just in case. Funding is restored due to the outbreak in the Congo.

seems pretty simple to me.