Remember how I said Anarchy is tool for libs

With the left saying this is Trump America they’re playing the anarchy card. They created enough chaos and then now claiming only they can fix it. Thus anchoring their authoritarian control.

It seems American people have wised up to their tactic. :wink:


Whereas Trump is saying - “The only one who can fix what’s happening under me is me !”


And Kellyanne Conway saying chaos and violence helps Trump.


You do understand Trump knows it’s not his best interest to do so. Why should Trump want to stop this violence?

Either way he wins because libs painted themselves into corner.

Meanwhile it seems Biden will have to throw the rioters, looters, Antifa’s and BLM under the bus. :rofl:

Because he is the president of the United States and it affects his citizens in a negative way ?

Yes. Anarchy is a tool for Trump.

I see.

You do understand he benefits either way.

If you want to end the violence then lib mayors/governors need to just ask.

What are you talking about man??

“Summer of love”, and “peaceful protests.”

Don’t be a buzzkill.

And libs are idiots enough to play right into his hands.

biden should have called off his goons months ago.

Too late joe!

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LULZ, Trump claims no responsibility for anything.

You guys do know chances are you all going to lose big time comes Nov.

And it will be all your doing.


Hey Biden…the fact that you or other lib leaders can’t stop your cities from burning down shows you’re weak…unless you didn’t want to stop them. :thinking:

Biden needs to throw socialist/commie soldiers under the bus if they even want to have chance in Nov.

You literally quoted Trump’s 2016 convention speech.

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Trump quoted me…

So you just agreed anarchy is a tool for Trump?

Thanks for playing.

Both sides are using the exact same campaign tactic.

Personally I think it works better for Trump than Biden because people are generally “I want business as usual and law and order” types.

They’re not one to look too deeply at root causes of unrest.

They just want it to go away.

No…I’m saying libs are stupid enough to hand it to em.

It has backfired on em.

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