Release of PPP loan recipients data reveals many loans benefited Kushner and Trump

Oh, did you think I was blaming them? Nonono. I’m saying they got special treatment so they could continue to pay rent to Trump and Kushner.

Among some of those receiving relief were Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao’s family’s shipping business. In addition, at least seven members of Congress or their spouses received loans, including lawmakers who were directly involved in shaping regulations and also benefited from a [blanket waiver of ethics concerns](

The lawyer who represented Trump in the Mueller investigation, as well as dozens of tenants of Trump’s real estate company, also received money, the latest in a series of instances in which Trump’s company and his government have overlapped.

Without evidence.
And if they did…who’s decision was it? Who gave them special consideration? And, if it was consistent with the statue, what was special about it.
Feeling…I;ve got feeeelings…

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You think it was a coincidence that Elaine Chao’s family got a loan, and Trump’s lawyer?

Imagine if 9/11 happened in the last 4 years.

4.9 million loans given out. Coincidence some businesses people had businesses get a loan, nope almost a guarantee.

Also you want to know why that article is so slanted. Anybody who recieved more then $150k in a loan was released in July. But your little article that you just lapped up at the trough doesn’t mention that. They had to file for the data to get the data on small loans, which was 4.2 million of the 4.9.

The PPP loans are paid back. This is not free money. It is used to pay laid-off payroll during shut downs.

The real PPP fraud is already being investigated and the crooks are not Trump.

As will be seen, there are suspects who used PPP funds for election funds.

But but but that doesn’t matter. They obviously got preferential treatment over the other 4.9 million loans because you know Trump bad.


why not? fairly certain 25-50K a year isn’t all that great a salary in nyc. do the people who own those businesses somehow become evil because of where they rent?

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Of course they do, haven’t you been paying attention. :sweat_smile:

Wow. I would want to keep this a secret too.

Retailers with closed shops can’t even get their foot in the door for a PPP loan, but a media company with online customers can just rock up and get a half-million.

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You have no idea what you are talking about.

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Pretty sure STODR was being facetious.


The “problem” is if the loan applications were fraudulent. The PPP loan application process has a criteria, was it met? The OP suggests something illegal has taken place. Did it?

Sheople eating, regurgibleeting orange man baaa, baaa, baaad and tomorrow…repeating. Damn I hope this doesn’t come to an end next year. :sunglasses:

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I thought he was being facetious back to me.:blush:

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Trump supporters will still be around next year doing thier regurgibleeting sheople thing. :sunglasses:

Is that your southern dialect coming out? :sunglasses:

Smyrna, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”

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Hindsite sure does like to imitate your style.

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So you’re telling me that a $500 billion program was really intended to pad Trump’s, no wait, renters of Trump owned properties with $3 million. Those dastardly schemers!!

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