Refugee solution

Only liberals want to follow the constitution?

Attitudes on illegal immigration and border security extend way past his base. People overwhelmingly have sympathy for the so called dreamers, but they also overwhelmingly want better border security and hate sanctuary cities.

The funny thing is if there was a democratic candidate that ran on tough borders and slowing immigration he or she would run away with the general election, of course there is the whole getting out of the woke primary problem for them.

When they want to virtually shut down the asylum process itself from “those countries”…we all know what the message is. It’s more than controlling the border.

I hope there is some investigation happening of US residents and citizens who have been soliciting, aiding and abetting illegal immigrants to infiltrate the border. I understand doing so is a federal offense. Although, I guess it’s possible that being able to claim that every single one being solicited, aided and abetted was merely seeking asylum might be an adequate cover story and loophole for all those involved.

There isn’t.

Ideally those with skills would be matched to jobs … but for the pathetically unskilled sadly the only well paying jobs for the unskilled in this country are in Congress or various State legislatures. :wink:

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Was this one of the groups?

Six. Good looking out.