Refugee solution

What am I missing?

Hire more people to process all the asylum claims. If they don’t qualify, they get sent home. If they do, let 'em in.

That clears up the bad conditions the people are living in.

Several things. This isn’t an accident. The system is being intentionally flooded to get this exact response.

There won’t be any “sending them home”.

There is an appeal process. There are delays to be taken advantage of. There are votes to be had.

There are several parties to this that want them in. Not very many that don’t.


A lot of people go missing after they apply for asylum, before their hearing. And then there is that thing of the repeat offenders of the ones who get deported end up coming back.

Personally I don’t understand the democrats on this one Obama (Deporter in Chief) believed in borders as did Bill Clinton. If the democrats wouldn’t have went far left on migration they would have had the election in the bag.

None of those reasons make any sense for not hiring more people to speed up the process.

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And you pull the money to hire more people to hear the asylum claims from where? Remember new budget year starts October 1. 3/4 of the budget is gone.

To speed up letting them in to stay. Probably not.

If they are qualified, yes they stay. Do you have a problem with legal immigration?

Declare an emergency and take it from the military.

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They will stay either way.

No, I am 4 years into the process now.

You don’t know they will stay either way. Do you thin people should be not allowed to apply for asylum?

I do know. From those 3 countries? No. And they can apply in those 3 countries. Not after they bull rush my border.

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You do not know.

Until the law is rewritten to exclude people from asking for asylum from countries you don’t like, you don’t want to speed up the process, you would rather them be held in terrible conditions.

Was Ellis Island “bull rushed”?

This thread has been VERY enlightening. I now have a better understanding of why this administration is doing what it is.

That would require Congress to do something, personal I think Trump should lock down Congress and hammer out a deal.

I think this thread has shown the sociopath is doing EXACTLY what his base wants.

Why would he.

He gains much more clout from there being chaos.

And remember the last time there was a bipartisan immigration deal before him?

He blew it up.

How can anyone in Congress trust him to actually be reasonable?

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If he solve the issue before 2020 what will he promise for re-election.

I do know. Don’t like them? I love them. That’s why I went to help them. You ever been there?

Do bulls walk on water?

Salvadorans are white. Ask them.

Liberals would have a problem with that. Or at least they used to.