Reese Witherspoon, Coronavirus Giveaway

Just love—NOT—the snide, condescending as usual attitude from Boston.

And how is it that certain educators forgot to read the devil in the details—like “winners will be announced” and “while supplies last”, and Reese Witherspoon gets the criticism?!

These “educators” need a good lecture from Dr. Laura, opening with “How stupid can you be and still be able to chew your food?!”

No good deed goes unpunished.

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My biggest issue with this is, what teachers need now is not a free dress. Seriously.

A bottle of vodka to get through a day of online teaching, yes. A new dress, no.


It’s amazing!

English is my husband’s third language, and he understood oh gee! If you’re name isn’t announced, you didn’t win.

An author I chat with on Facebook has win a particular book signed and a free, & I understand it’s a lottery, & there are only so many winners.

These are TEACHERS, & they either didn’t bother to read the entire post, or didn’t understand?!

I feel bad—for the kids they’re teaching and for Reese Witherspoon.

You should know people. When they feel powerless, they like to get stuff.

For women it’s a new dress.
For guys…a new piece of equipment for the mancave

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Perfectly stated, sir!

Ma’am, not sir. :blush:

The last thing on teachers’ mind right now is a new dress.

It was a nice gesture, but a PR failure. Don’t promote a giveaway on the nationwide morning shows if you e only got 250 dresses to give away.

Yep I agree it was a complete PR disaster. I dont think there was any malicious intent just a complete cluster in the way it was handled.