Redstate fires anti-Trump writers enmasse

There’s more money in being pro-Trump it seems.

Not sure that’s going to be a great long-term move though.

Per one of the fired writers:

Per another:

Per Erick Erickson, former CEO and editor-in-chief of redstate.

But at least they weren’t fired for being pro-life…


Well there goes that website

It’s the Fox model. It works.

Am I wrong in thinking Erick Erickson was himself often critical of Donald? I admit I never went to his website much so I’m not sure.

eh, he’s no saint.

that site sucked.

No you aren’t wrong about that. In fact Erick was one of the first Never Trumpers. But Erick isn’t with the site any more. He left about two years ago.

Erick has invited the fired writers to contribute to his blog The Resurgent, but says he can’t afford to keep them on permanently.

Red State did keep a few good writers on, including Joe Cunningham, Sarah Rumpf and Brandon Morse. None of those people are particularly pro Trump, they will say when he’s done something they agree with and speak out when they disagree.

But some of the writers, particularly Susan Wright, were so anti Trump it was almost comical. As everyone knows, I’m anti Trump too, but Susan would write articles on every little thing, mocking him and so on. Plus I think her articles got little traffic. Some of them had zero comments, if that is any indication.

Patterico is a former prosecutor and used to write a lot about legal things.

Anyway Red State did seem to be on the decline, often writing click bait headlines and so on.

The other Salem site that has really gone downhill is Townhall. Nearly all the writers now are pom pom cheerleaders for Trump, Guy Benson being the one exception.

I will stick with Ben Shapiro’s blog, Hot Air as well as National Review,

I don’t know if it’s an absolute requirement, but seems to me all writers across the conservative blogs are pro life. Can’t say I remember reading a pro choice article on any of them.

When Erick Erickson did run Red State he said the writers all had to take a pro life stance. Blog owners have the right to do this, just as you probably won’t read anything other than pro choice at Vox or Daily Kos.

Never understood the right tendency to shoot at each other… The commies support the dems because they know it’s going in their direction.

I mean look at the religious and unshakable support of Trump here. There’s good money in catering to a readership that refuses to engage with the real world.

Yeah, but then they lose readers like me. I don’t expect every writer to think like me. If some of them are Trump cheerleaders, I can simply skip their articles when I go to the site, or read but disagree.

But this is a purge of (mostly) anti Trump writers. And one of them who remains, Kimberly Ross, tweeted that she will refuse to bend to Trump if it’s expected now. So the purge may not be over yet.

One of the problems Red State has always had is you have to register to comment, and many times are never approved. And some of the moderators had a very heavy hand, banning people simply because they disagreed with their comments. Neil Stevens was the worst.

It’s impossible to be a trump supporter and read anything but propaganda because he and his administration are constantly pumping out an unending stream of lies.

I think you are wise to jump ship from outlets that cater to him and his fans.