"Red Tide" Rick Scott (9-17-2018)

wow. booed out of a restaurant.

“Increased nutrient levels in water from leaking septic tanks or lawn fertilizer causes red tide blooms to develop, the Herald-Tribune noted.”

“Scott signed legislation that repealed mandatory septic tank inspections in 2012. As governor, he has also cut $700 million from the state’s water management districts and reduced staffing at Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection, the newspaper added.”


We have had red tides since I can remember, but this year’s bloom is Scott’s fault, then? And Bill Nelson sucks, so I hope he gets his ass kicked by Scott this November.

Apparently your neighbors do not agree with you.

All of them, then?

So the following activities had nothing to do with the current epidemic of Red Tides?

We’ve had red tides before all of that, so you tell me. Is the argument if he had not done that, there would be no red tide now? Perhaps, but that seems mighty speculative. And what was the problem before, do you suppose?

Enough to “boo someone out of an establishment”?

You could have just answered no.

Trump did say a red wave was coming.

Are you under the impression voting needs to be unanimous??

No. Your words to me were “…your neighbors do not agree with you.” Not some, or even most.

And are you under the impression enough people to boo a guy out of a restaurant is enough to gauge an election?

I would say it is not a good sign, booing is often a indicator of a negative consensus. OK, I revise my comment to “Apparently many of your neighbors do not agree with you.”

I’ll add this as a counter, Rick Scott was repeatedly hassled, harangued and booed in public during his first term as governor, yet was re-elected to a second term.

Ultimately, I see this as the left needing “dirt” on Scott, so they decided to pick a naturally occurring alge bloom, mixed in some speculation, and are hoping for the best.

Did he not repeal mandatory septic tank inspections in 2012, cut $700 million from the state’s water management districts, or reduce staffing at Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection?

If you are going to be the “regulation cutting guy”, that is a risk… if those regulations can be connected to subsequent issues they were enacted to prevent. All three of those are are related to, or responsible for, monitoring and managing nutrient loads that can exacerbate red tides.

Again, we’ve had red tides before the repeal and cost cutting. What was the problem then? Your assuming these two things are responsible for this year’s bloom. Is that possible? Sure. Is it certain? Nope.

Wait. What? The current red algae bloom issue is just a natural thing that always happens, and is not out of the ordinary?

@FloridaYankee and @Safiel

You guys were weighing in on this topic in a different thread. Am I misunderstanding something here? I thought the cause of this was able to be somewhat defined, and it is something that is rather unprecedented.

Are you saying this is a typical/average red tide?

I remember some similarly bad ones. Do I have any defined measure of that? No. But, really, if your assertion is that Scott’s actions caused even an increase in activity, I concede it’s possible but maitain it’s still absolutely speculative.

It’s not man made, if you were under that impression. It’s alge, so it certainly can be fed. And that’s the argument.

That changed everything.