Red Flag Laws Expanded in CA

I fear, prove it’s a lie.

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That’s up to 6 months in jail in California… Same challenge… Why not demonstrate the flaws in the law by filing a petition?

For those covered under the law, let me know when they add in anyone in the country who has had no personal contact with them.

Again, why do you care what the law says? You are making the claim anyone can file a petition without consequence. Show us how flawed the law is…

Great post. Isn’t he waiting trial on felony charges or is that over?

Shouldn’t be hard to red flag his punk ass.

Only if the information is false. Only if they check. It’s only a misdemeanor.

Never happen. You don’t do 6 months in California for assault.

Do it… post an image of your petition with your name blacked out…

The flaws are glaringly obvious, if you can base your petition on a private conversation with no other witnesses you would think anyone with two brain cells would see the obvious flaw in being able to ferret out or prove false claims.

Is his felony trial over?

Again no, substantial personal interaction with the subject of your complaint must be present. We are talking about the possible abuse by such people, not by complete strangers who have never met them.

How soon before the courts are filled with people suing false flags? In the ill thought out plan to correct something, the net result will be even worse.

Hey…let’s save the forests and remove those paper bags from grocery stores and let’s replace them with…plastic!!!

I never made any such claim.

I will. Watch.

What did this comment mean then?

Have the courts been filled since they first passed the earlier version of this law in 2015?

Has anyone ever been charged with making a false petition?

“Try it and see! Just try it! Challenge!”

Guilty until you can prove yourself innocent.

Exactly. Or worthy. The very essence of prior restraint.