Recurring Dreams

Anyone ever have a not one time only, but a dream that kept coming back and wonder what it means? Just last night, I had a dream I wasn’t 18-24, but the same age I am now–50–and starting as an alumni earning a second degree at my alma mater.

Also, am moving into dorm room and looking to see if I remember anything. Folks, I’ve no desire to return for a four year degree, to there or anywhere.

Any schooling I chose at this point would be vocational and take place at a commuter college. The idea of living in dorms isn’t even remotely appealing at this point.

I’ve no idea why I keep having this particular dream. Anyone have any of their own?

I dont think I’ve ever had recurring dreams.

Having said that I almost never have nightmares, which is nice.

I do indeed have reoccuring dreams…Sigmund Freud has said that dreams are the royal road to the unconscious mind. Perhaps your dream means that you should be doing something, that you have a task at the back of your mind, but you don’t want to do it? School represents responsibility, so maybe there’s something- maybe a chore- that’s been bugging you to do it, that you don’t necessarily want to do?

Or, perhaps you don’t feel adequate or trusting in your current educational level. But this one is unlikely, since you don’t have a desire to return to school, and that would create a motive to return.

I’m sorry this has been bugging you, Janet. Reoccuring dreams can be annoying, perhaps even scary. I hope you can figure this out soon.

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Does anyone rarely have dreams where they are themselves? I’d say about 99% of the time when I dream I am someone else entirely. I’m definitely the protagonist of my dream but I can literally be anyone. I’ve been male, female, old, young, etc. And whatever is going on in my dream has nothing to do with my real life or anyone in it. Often times its like watching a movie in my head only where I’ve assumed the body of the lead character whomever that might be.

Hmm, could be something I know I should do, but haven’t.

As for education I find reading books about subjects I didn’t do too well in, or only have vague memories, to be helpful.

Not a recurring nightmare, but this one was kind of strange. Had one I had entered the home of a former to get some clothes of mine.

He woke up and said “Get the ■■■■ out”, which I quickly did even though I didn’t have the clothes.

The rest of the nightmare is a haze.

Turns out he has multiple criminal convictions now, including a fairly recent simple battery.

He’s 30 lbs heavier & looks just as angry in the mug shot as he did then. Maybe a warning to stay out of those parts when I have to be in Florida at year’s end.

I rarely remember my normal dreams, but I have waking dreams on a regular basis.

Those are way cool.

Have you started something new recently?

My brain reverts to first time feeling something in dream form when I’m feeling something similar.

Work stress? I dream about how I’ve been invited back to the steakhouse I cooked at in college and the tickets keep coming and I’m burning stuff.

Gearing up for a tough meeting? I’m fighting Jimmy Hagberg with pillow fists in the 5th grade.

Procrastinating on something? I’m going to college exam without having studied (usually naked).

Actually I’ve started the home search process & that’s something new.

As for procrastination, yep. My life’s motto is mañana, & a recurring nightmare is going to an exam unprepared, or having like 7 classes in school & one of the grades is going to be in one never attended.