RECOUNT REVOKED: Palm Beach Misses Deadline, County's Original Vote Will Stand

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Florida’s disastrous election recount suffered another significant set-back Thursday, when Palm Beach county missed the 3pm deadline for ballot submissions; meaning the original Election Day results will stand.

According to Fox News, “As a result of the county failing to make the deadline, the only one of Florida’s 67, the numbers from the initial count, which were completed Saturday, will stand.”

“The reality is that we were very close two nights ago and then our machines went down,” said Palm Beach Election Supervisor Susan Bucher. “It’s not for lack of human effort.”

“You see that we’re working 24/7,” she said. “It’s an unusual request to make of your staff. You know, can you leave your kids behind? Can you stay here and I’ll feed you sub sandwiches and pizza? And you’ll work your brains out and we’re trying to meet a deadline that, really, reasonably shouldn’t be there.”

Read the full report at Fox News.

Haha, stupid voters thought their vote would count! Idiots!

Missed it by 2 whole minutes.

Wonder if the recount really netted many votes for Nelson in any case?