Record Number Not In Workforce

Since Trump took offuce, the record has been broken 6 times. So what does that mean for the REAL unemployment? 27%? Some people are saying 45%! Add in the $1trillion deficit and I am nauseous so much winning

Baby boomers retiring over the last several years has been the main reason why the number of Americans not in the labor force has been continuing increasing.

The script flipped in Nov 16.


So are the numbers still fake, or what? Can our dear-leader explain this to us?

Terrible. Just terrible.

And to think. There was a time not so long ago that this was such a useful metric to conservatives. Now…nothing. It doesn’t hit conservatives in the feels at all.

Goodbye, labor participation rate. We hardly knew ye.

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Everyone alright?

Yea, but they aren’t even bothering to read the report. Pushing the meme rules the day.

Went right over your head.

That number is going to accelerate as more and more of the Baby Boomers retire. We’re retiring at a rate faster than new people are coming of working age.

We know. Your right-wing peeps are just catching up.


Where’s the usual Trump worshippers?

Baby boomers are retiring.
Welfare Queens are not even looking for work.

High taxes, burdensome regulations etc. and lack of of economic oppunity keep people (and businesses) on the sidelines in many ways. Its called supply-side economics.

If, for some reason you want more people in the labor force you can either force them to work (slavery) or you can make America a place where the labor-leisure tradeoff pays more.

Are conservatives usually this clueless?

Our taxes have been on a consistent down trend for the last 40 years. Upper income has been on an exponential rise. It’s all a ruse to keep the middle class bent over

And the millennial aren’t having kids.

The US is being kept somewhat afloat by redstate baby-makers and illegal immigrants, but the future could get iffy.

The article specifically said retiring baby boomers is the reason the workforce is shrinking.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll evet be able to retire. (late life divorce),
but if you consider retirement bad for the economy we can
raise the SS retirement age, or
increase the net (IOW after tax) rewards for working,
punish the slackers like they are lazy serfs and should not retire, other oeople need the fruits of their labor.

Perhaps you could begin by explaining when you think we should allow the baby boomers to retire.

Put the boomers in forced labor camps.

Problem solved, and the fact that they deserve it is just a cherry on top.

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Whip them like Toby?

Those lazy louts. What did they ever do except lose a war, follow the Dead and smoke pot in Haight Ashbury.

They don’t deserve to retire.
“Back to the fields!”

I was replying to the notion that high taxes keep people on the sideline. My point was that taxes have been consistently decreasing for 40 years and upper incomes have been growing exponentially. They haven’t been on the sidelines. But if you’ve been a middle class worker hell ya you’ve been on the sidelines because no one wants to pay living wages - even though upper incomes have grown exponentially and taxes have decreased consistently for 40 years.

Most useless generation in a century, they managed to screw up virtually everything.