Record cold in the Midwest


Yes, which is entirely normal. It happens every winter and always has.


Naturally. What does it mean to you?



The severity of this is certainly new and unusual, and “should” is relative, while we see degrees of this weather phenomenon every year in the mid-west, it can certainly still be said this low-pressure system should not be this far south…


I have no intention of changing your mind, only others reading.


So much for global warming.


To lighten this up… not all heroes where capes.


This post really wames my heart.


I knew it!

This proves! that Global Warming is Real!!!


Contour plots use interpolation. It is a common plot to show stress/strain results in engineering from FEA results. No surprise it is used here.


I’m just happy that out here in the west side of the country that we are warmer than normal. Keep that polar vortex on the east side of the country. Never understood how states on the east side could be considered midwest. Midwest is Colorado not Ohio which is mideast.


It was -20 a few days ago here. It’s supposed to be most 60 deg Monday.


What does that have to do with my post? For that matter, what the heck does it even mean? Why not just answer the question instead of getting all huffy.


That is totally normal weather for end of January beginning of February


Definitely normal. We always had these types of massive temperature swings and no snow until January when I was growing up. No discernible change whatsoever :smirk:


80 degree swing. I remember a lot of Christmas growing up, 10 degrees on Christmas eve but then 90 degrees on xmas day melting the snow


Last five years the warmest in more than a century and 18 of 19 warmest have occurred since 2000.


If you turn up your thermostat one degree every day for a week, every day following that will be among the warmest. More directly on point, it warmed significantly from 1976 to 1998. Since that time however, the warming has been slight if at all. Yet because the temperature was high in ‘98 and hasn’t fallen, each year in this century is in record territory. It’s an artifact of simple math.


And the math shows the earth continuing to warm. Trendline has a positive slope (Temp vs time)


Math shows nothing of the sort. That trendline is manipulated and plotted data, not math.


You aren’t aware that a trendline is based on math?