Record cold in the Midwest

The killing frost…

Right? Egghead libs and their fancy edumacations! HAR HAR!

why is the polar vortex leaving the arctic?

Oh, look a cartoon quote from TV…

Because of the weather…

I hope they didn’t ban wood stoves and fire places up there… What else is there, if the power goes out?

What has changed in the arctic?

longest iv gone without power is a week.

The north pole is moving?

Did you know the polar vortex is happening because of very warm air in the Arctic drove a cold air mass down to the Americas?

It’s thickening?

Define “very warm”…

Its shrinking which exposes more water and land to the sun making the arctic warmer

My post was to point out once again that “local weather” does not equal “climate”.

Do you know what a zero sum game is?

When someone says “the arctic is warmer than the midwest!”; what does that mean to you?

are you saying the arctic is not cold?

TV is cool :venezuela:

You can see a section of warm air in the arctic pushing the cold air down.
see that spiral in the center? that is were the polar vortex should be.

Its not cold enough which is why the polar vortex which exist year round is being pushed South.

Looks pretty cold up there to me…

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