Recession indicator flashing red

But they’re stupid lies. For one thing, he’s talking about year on year growth which is not how it’s normally reported. But year on year growth in 1st quarter and 2nd quarter 2015 were at 3.8% and 3.3%. And 3rd quarter 2010 year on year was 3.2%. He’s bragging about 4th quarter year on year growth being higher than specifically only 4th quarter year on year growth because it’s the only way he could find that somehow said he achieved 3% growth and he could only use 4th quarter because that’s the only one better than Obama. What a ■■■■■■■ con artist.


(Complete sentence)

He spent decades lying both personally and professionally.
He lied about Obama when he was first coming on to the national political stage.
He lied during his announcement that he was running.
He lied throughout the campaign.
He lied about crowd sizes during the first days of his administration and had others do the same.

Lie after lie after lie while 94% of the right cheers him on and demands more. And then we wonder why he acts the way he does? He does so because he has never had to experiences real negative consequences for his behavior.

Trump has always been a massive liar. I’m pretty sure that even his most ardent supporters know that by now.

His supporters are as dumb as he is, so he can say anything and they take it as truth.

We see examples of this every day on this very forum.

I don’t think so. They are that stupid.

Has this been blamed on the anticipation of a dem winning the whitehouse in 2020?

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Ask all of the people who claimed a trump election would send us into a recession.

They have often defended it by saying they don’t care about the things Donald lies about.

I don’t know, it’s what I heard.

They enjoy the lies because it makes rational honest people upset and that is their stated goal…

and if he does?

You should ready for that outcome.

you know “you was right” and “i was wrong” outcome

or the “I was right” and “you were wrong” outcome.

harsh reality will face slap one of those predictions in the face.


No, no. Their predictions were for if he was elected, and right after he became president. Not for four years later.

Besides, from what i hear, it’s all obama’s economy anyways,

Which is it?

who predicted that? when Trump became president there was no chance of recession. None.
anyone predicting a recession based upon who gets elected president doesnt know economics very well. People are going to stop spending money because Trump is president. LOL. My spending habits are based solely on how much money I have to spend.


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Now that we have been under Trump for 2 years his policies are kicking in.

Tariffs, Trade deals, tax cuts etc.

in the first two years, the economy chugged merrily along. However now the economy is slowing. the reasons are murky,

Here is the GDP estimates.

Consensus is 1.5% growth and GDPnow is 0.4% growth. Its not boding well for the 1q2019 GDP growth


Here’s a politico story about economists predicting it.

Here’s the nytimes nobel prize winning economist paul krugman.

Here’s a washington post article about the left’s failed predicitons.

Here’s another economist in the nytimes.

This cnn.

Coolest. I think we can stretch that a bit further.

Predicting the stock market is impossible but a lot of people make a lot of money pretending to do it.

What has happened to the national debt clock that featured so heavily on Fox News during the Obama presidency? I don’t watch as much Fox News as previously but I haven’t seen it featured for a couple of years.

The President’s economic policies could lead to an economic slow down because everything that he has proposed historically has.

I can’t speak to State Run TV, but it seems a great many people who used to pretend to care about the debt were simply lying, and only wanted to use it to attack the other side. Although Obama was at least decreasing the deficit, which is one of the first steps to lowering the debt. That has definitely changed now.