Recent hangings of people of color

I don’t buy into conspiracy theories but I find it odd that after the death of George Floyd, at least four people of color have been found hanged. I also find it odd that at least two of these were black men and their deaths were ruled suicide. A third hanging is currently under investigation. Again, it’s hard for me to believe that in all the ways to commit suicide, a black man would hang himself. But that’s just my opinion. What do you guys think? I’m interested in the differences of opinions.

Whoever wants to believe the cause of death was from racists, will. :man_shrugging:

I totally agree. And anyone who thinks this is totally a coincidence, will. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, I get it, y’all lefties are in a complete frenzy and there are conspiracies to push, supremacists under the bed to fear, etc…

Carry on. :man_shrugging:

Dude its not just the left ,we have a President who has a track record of pushing conspiracy theories.

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Oh, well, that makes it all better then. :wink:

All you had to do was read my commentary in the OP.
And yeah, I get it, y’all righties are in a complete frenzy to deny racism exists, especially if you’ve never experienced it personally, etc…
Carry on. :man_shrugging:

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…as a conspiracy thread is posted. :rofl:

Carry on, you. lol

I have, likely more than you ever will. :wink:

I mean black people hang theirselves too. Or they’ll drive their cars into trees. Or they’ll put a bullet in their own head.

It just depends on the person.


The thread is linked to Snopes which actually debunks the conspiracy theory. I was stating an opinion. Pay attention.

Yes, the lib Bible of what to believe. :wink:


So the lib Bible is debunking conspiracy theories thrown around by libs? Lol. You sir, are a gem on this beautiful holiday weekend.

A diamond, actually, but go on. :sunglasses:

Diamonds and gems are the same. Here, let me educate you.,colorless%20or%20very%20faintly%20colored.

Nah, you should get back to the conspiracy thread instead of focusing so hard on alllll this. Way to derail your own thread so intimately. :wink:


I agree. Spending time educating you on something from 9th grade geology takes away from the thread. Have a good morning.

Ooops, he couldn’t help it. :rofl:

Oops, he couldn’t help it. :rofl:

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2 of these hangings happened where I am from. Robert Fuller literally in the same city I am from.

We have a large KKK presences there. Everyone here knows it wasn’t suicide.