Reason Why Trump Will Never Win the Black Vote

Exhibit A

I have never been more shook by a Movie/TV show as I was by “When They See Us”. For that reason… I cannot understand how Trump, who took out a full page ad calling for the death penalty BEFORE they went to trail, can still believe those boys were guilty.

I can’t bring myself to watch it yet.

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You need to be mentally prepared before watching. Especially the final episode

Trump is the true victim if those “boy” didn’t admit their guilt Trump wouldn’t have to take out a full page ad calling for them to be killed.

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Remember, no one has ever been treated as badly as trump ever, especially not by media


Trump loves black people, just doesn’t want them to golf at his resort or live in his buildings but other then that loves them.


Un ■■■■■■■ believable. What does the bolded quote below remind you of?

“You have people on both sides of that. They admitted their guilt,” Trump told reporters as he left the White House for a campaign rally in Florida.

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Doesn’t want them counting his money either.

Just in case you all forgot, yes he is a racist.


Ding ding ding!


One side lied and put innocent children in prison… the other side was exonerated by DNA evidence 10+ years later.


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Maybe they did maybe they didn’t.

And remember, poor Michael Flynn was set up by the fbi, but the Central Park Five were treated very fairly when interrogated.

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There will be the “they didn’t have to do the actual rape and yet still could have been involved with the assault” and “Who cares if the actual rapist said he worked alone- he’s a crook and a murderer…you can’t believe a word he says (while simultaneously believing the confessions of the five kids they think ARE crooks themselves)” crowd here shortly.

I don’t have to watch the Netflix series (although I will).

I lived in the NYC area when this went down. The attack was horrific and the populace was pissed. Someone was GOING to go down for that crime…it happened to be these five people.

(Although an equally brutal assault on a young black girl in Brooklyn, I believe, that happened about the same time went completely unreported).

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Oh they did admit their guilt… and that was the basis for the original conviction even though the evidence was deeply flawed – including serious contradictions between the confessions. But these were teenagers who were tricked into confessions by police holding them under questionable circumstances.

Where are all the conservatives who are so concerned about government overreach and out of control law enforcement on this one. If you can get upset because a senior Marine General was not reminded by the FBI that he should not lie to them (as if a Marine General needs to told to maintain his honor) where is the outrage here?

They took out full page ads demanding their death. Well, at least one guy did. Then again he wasn’t really a conservative.

They were guilty, two juries thought so at any rate. Oh and that “documentary” was a pack of lies.


so why were they cleared?

what does this have to do with black people?

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Their convictions were reversed when DNA evidence identified the assailant.

Can you back up your claim about lies or are you just slinging mud in the hope of obscuring the truth?

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They were convicted on false evidence.

Look at the history of the case, please. Just as conservatives are coming to believe the criminal justice system is stacked with people who do not treat conservatives fairly, there is a widespread belief among African-Americans that they are not treated fairly in the criminal justice system as well. Conservatives could build on this shared recognition of oppression to build bridges… but they would have to see it as a SHARED experience.