Rear Admiral Ring fired for publicly speaking the truth on Guantanamo Bay

Pentagon fires Guantanamo prison commander for calling attention to US crimes - World Socialist Web Site (Link to an article on the World Socialist Website)

Since the mainstream press is paying little attention to this, other than a rote noting of Rear Admiral Ring’s firing, I will use two sources from two diametrically opposite corners who have brought the TRUE reason for Rear Admiral Ring’s firing to light.

The Army officially gave the standard, boilerplate and quite lame reason of “loss of confidence in his ability to command.” Bull ******* ****.

He was fired because he told the unvarnished truth about Guantanamo Bay and told it publicly.

This firing is pure retribution and nothing less.

I don’t hear any mainstream Democrats are silent and complicit, particularly as they never supported (and actually helped Republican’s thwart) Obama’s attempts to close Guantanamo. A few Democrats on the extreme far left have made tepid comments, but no outrage over what rightfully SHOULD be considered an outrageous act.

Ethical concerns aside, Guantanamo Bay is a money pit and will become more so as detainees age and new facilities need to be built.

Close Guantanamo Bay NOW and either try detainees in an Article III Court or unconditionally release them.

I agree, close it.

Close it and send them to Ecuador

Cut 'em loose!