Really Media a Biden landslide? ironic

Now the media and so called “Journalists” are asking Trump whatever or not he would peaceful transfer of power yet this is the same media and journalists who are still attacking Trump and others as Russian puppets since for four years now and all this time for four years these journalists on CNN,ABC,MSNBC have being taking the same ironical script.

And now the media with their so called opinion think that Trump could win on Nov 4 but also after mail in votes are counted showing a Biden landslide?! the blue wave right? lol.
The far left media had always being fantasizing of this blue way crushing the evil racist conservatives across the nation from the house to the senate and WH.

Yet the media ignores that the democrats had done nothing at all in the house expect some bills, they even avoiding talking police reforms with evil racist conservatives. Again the only one way democarts can win is through cheating.

The media and their so called polls had even claimed a landslide for Hillary and now they are doing it again for Biden/Harris well rioters are still attacking law officers and ordinary citizens.

Biden/Harris seem to commit support for BLM agenda or parts of it.

A personal note i will never return to NYC.

Peaceful transfer to who, that vegetable Joe?

When Will sane democrats come back to down earth? or have i awoken up to a twisted different version of the earth? this whole thing feels like i read a bad sort of a fiction story.

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Who said landslide ?

Bloomberg-Funded Group they even released a chart of their so called prediction.

Link ?

here you go. And with video.

Not working; I’ll try to google it

I hope this image works

Is this what you’re talking about ?

yes thats the one.

Yes. Those are possible scenarios they are listing , including one with a Trump landslide.

You said “Biden landslide”

I am agaisnt mail in voting. If you can riot safely and wear masks you can vote in person. When democrats are talking about mailing in vote they seem dersapate rather then from a someone whose was about to win.

With the exception of a Biden possible scenario through mailing in vote. As they said.

Ok…but what does this have to do with topic of the thread which is media projecting a Biden landslide ?

They are just outlining different scenarios of what could happen.

“One possible scenario” from one specific model obviously means that the entirety of the media are predicting a Biden landslide. Isn’t that ironic?


And the mail in fraud in voting. I still prefer vote in person. I will use their logic on them.
Well if you can riot and smash businesses you can vote in person safely cant you?