Reality trumps EU dogma as Germany closes its borders

. . . borders with Austria, Denmark, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland were entirely closed off, aside from commercial traffic . . .

Poland and the Czech Republic had already closed their borders with Germany.

Following the German actions, the EU announced it is closing itself off from travelers from the rest of the world for 30 days:

European countries had bitterly complained about the recent US ban on travelers from Europe, and Germany had strongly resisted border closings just a few days earlier:

Do these actions show the reality of the pandemic is forcing changes to EU dogma about the sanctity of open borders?

What are there any implications for the US policies about travel restrictions?


I see a day in the near future where borders will be called quarantine boundaries and be monitored properly.

This is the right policy.


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That certainly is true for the coronavirus, but it is contrary to recent narratives in much of the news media:

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Those will be changing after this.


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We definitely need to open our borders like the left wants.


You know things are bad when…Mexico…closes it’s border to the US.


Mexico talked about closing the border but hasn’t done it yet.

Never miss an opportunity. :clap:

Just taking Rahm’s advice! You know, the Chief Of Staff to the previous president… I thought you’d be happy I emulated the left.

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Should US states be closing their borders? If I’m Oregon I don’t want Californians or Washingtonians with their higher covid19 rates coming into my state.

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West Virginia :hearts: this post!

How small should be go? Counties? Townships?

Notice how the fake news attempts to equate migrants and illegal aliens into one group? They aren’t the same…except if you eat at the sheople trough?

That was kind of my point in my question. It’s easy to slam the EU, but then we should we looking at our states doing that.

All this Panda Moana.

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I would suggest closing all 3 of those states coming into the rest of the states myself.

Virus or no virus. :+1: :sunglasses:

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They show the reality that the “EU” is still a lot of different countries looking after their own interests, not something on the way to becoming a United States of Europe.
And it was only a few weeks ago they were complaining about the US travel ban from Europe.

Stay off my yard.