Realistically speaking what reductions in global CO2 do you believe we can and/or will see & what difference do you think it will make?


No it comes off as nonsense that there is a history of warming and cooling cycles that happen regullaly. And Expers say that becuase of man the increase will be x (not sure if that’s above what they think would normally happen, or a combination of both – but it appears to be a combo), and when it doesn’t hit the numbers they expected, they double down and make new predictions. How many has IPPC or IPCC or whatever that UN thing is called made that have been wrong now?


Natural variation is nonsense? Things happen for a reason, sometimes those reason are predictable and timely, sometimes there are freak events that have sudden and impressive effects, right?


The comet and fragments that struck Earth ~13,000 years ago did certainly plunge the world into a deep freeze for about 1,400 years (the Younger Dryas Period), but since it flash vaporized/melted most of the ice caps, the Earth eventually stabilized into the warmer climate we take for granted today.

Thankfully, the events also led to the extinction of over half of all large mammals in North America, otherwise, we’d be sharing this land with much larger predators than Africa ever had.


Yup. That’s another deforestation vector.

Of course, forests can grow back, unless the land is permanently changed to a soybean field, or a city, or a strip mine.


BTW: Natural events like a forest fire or a volcanic eruption are major contributor of greenhouse gasses (and particulate pollutants.)


Global warming haha lol democrats are a comedy show haha


They are experts at their agenda.

Their “field of study” is built on that agenda.


I have no idea what your are talking about with this post.


Yeah man, natural cycles. :rofl: You say that like you just discovered and are revealing something.

Just don’t act like nothing new has been introduced and could be having an effect.

As far as the OP though, I’m more inclined at this point to believe the only thing that will help is someone coming up with a scientific solution to remove CO2 from the atmosphere or reduce the effects in some way.


Maybe I misunderstood, your statement seemed phrased in a way to say that cyclical warming and cooling was nonsense. The argument you seem to be advancing is that it’s warmed in the past and there wasn’t people then so today’s warming cannot be due to people. It’s to say that for a thing to have a cause it must have existed before in the past, which doesn’t make sense because if one goes goes back far enough there is a beginning from which there is no history.

Or saying that outcomes can only be attributed to a specific cause. Like a unattended campfire could not cause a forest fire like a lightning strike could. That would be silly to say, but it is essentially the argument being made. Cycles exist, but random, freak events like and asteroid impact apparently wiping out the dinosaurs are true as well. Humankind is a freak occurrence in the natural history and have been burning and ever growing fire for over a century altering the natural state of the system. Humans are an external force and it is foolish to handwave that away.

Is the planet warming - yes/no? If yes, then what is driving it? What cyclical thing?


There are many cyclical phenomena that could drive changes in the temperature. There is the 100+ year global ocean current cycles. There are the fluid earth core rotation cycles. There are combinations of those… ocean floor heating plus ocean currents. Etc etc. Anyone seriously concerned about global climate change should be experts on these phenomena. Me… I couldn’t care less.


Great, where is the strong evidence for that? What is driving it? What is the magnitude? What’s the predicted result? Why is it not an increase in greenhouses gases?


Just like many or most of the dire predictions/prophesies made 10 to 20 years ago turned out to be false.

I think the scriptures say the way to tell a false prophet is when their prophesies turn out to be false.

I think this applies to the alarmists predictions. Gore is pretty 0 for every prediction he ever made.


Well said indeed!