Realistically speaking what reductions in global CO2 do you believe we can and/or will see & what difference do you think it will make?


You go to someone who has a track record of success. So far the alarmists have not met that criterion. They have consistently been wrong.


Taking so long!


Not only that, how exactly is one country going to measure the carbon output of another country? Secondly what the heck is anyone going to do if it is deemed they exceed their allowable limit?


In the meantime, I am absolutely loving some folks pretend that experts aren’t experts. They want so desperately to view themselves as superior to experts in a field.

Dismissing actual experts in any field must cause quite the tingle up the leg.

I haven’t seen any of them admit yet that, yes, if they needed surgery to remove their appendix, then they would go to a surgeon instead of some dude who can google “Appendix removal with kitchen appliances.”


Climate science isn’t real science. You can become a leading scientist in the field through a 100 dollar online course. I’ve seen the ads on this site.


There not going to do nothing China is the threat in every front to the western world. They passed Russia in military and are becoming aggressive, huge growing economy with the help of the the west offshoring there manufacturing there, as well as totalitarian communist dictatorship.

And if your worried about global warming they should be enemy #1 the worlds biggest carbon and pollution emitter.


The thing is…most climate change experts don’t apply research to validate the fundamental premise of AGW. They do real science… but it is science that begins with the assumption that the original AGW hypothesis is correct. I would not expect you to know that though.


lol - All of that babble doesn’t change the observations that have been made.

Let’s say you know that 60 year old for his last 90 days and right after you meet him he starts taking little doses of lead or mercury and he starts to get sick and you warn him that he should really stop taking the little doses of mercury but he just scoffs because he’s gotten sick before and he tells you that you’re just a dumbass worrying about nothing.

Really doesn’t matter how long you’ve known the 60 year old if you’re right.


You’ve got appendicitis. You need emergency surgery. Who do you choose?

___ An expert in surgery on the appendix

___ A guy with a heated butter knife who is absolutely sure that he knows better than the experts and can follow a Youtube video entitled “Homemade Intestinal Surgery?”


Here, I’ll start.

I would choose the expert in surgery on the appendix, for every obvious reason that any rational human being could imagine.

Who’s next?

Expert? Or Butter Knife in Your Neighbor’s Garage?


We don’t have an apples to apples comparison of more than 60 years.


You mean the one’s that keep revising the projected temp increase downward?


And this is the same as projecting future temp increases how?


You say this as though “experts” in climate have gotten things right on the nose. They haven’t hit the target at all in projecting temperature increases (natural and man’s supposed increase).

That would be like going to a surgan to get your apendeix taken out and he takes out the liver.


Except that he would have been taking doeses of lead or mercury his ENTIRE life and you just started observing him 90 days ago and THINK it’s related to the doses of lead/mercury without solid proof. You know like saying he should start doing x . . . . but x never materializes.


What if the so called “expert” in appendix surgery had a history of not taking the apendix but something eise close to it out?


Good question. Assume whatever makes you feel good.

Do you go with your neighbor and his butter knife?


If human co2 emissions are an issue anyone who cares can remove theirs to the extent that they exist at all if they’re that concerned. Or they can live on the streets and have the environmental impact of a hermit. Until then that they are worried has all the value of the also worried elites who keep buying private islands and beach front properties while parroting the rising seas guff.


It is ONE cause. Mining. Farming (which is arguably done because of population growth) and plantations. Lumber harvesting.


Who do you call to readjust your karma?