Real threat to radical lib extremist

It just hit me…libs here and in government itself the real threat is radicalized center/moderate Americans. That’s what this is all about…thus the reason why they declare war on working Americans.

Outspoken center/moderate center with a loud voice challenges their authoritarianism.

Interesting theory you got there Conan. :thinking:


What they are worried about is the right and the left coming together and agreeing they are bought and paid for corporate shills. Which makes it imperative they divide us by race and gender.


Think about it…libs have managed to radicalized the center/moderates in America.

Nice ■■■■■■■ job libs.


And thus IMO is what Brandon speech will be all about

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:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Now I see the confusion. “Radicalized center” is a major contradiction in terms except to the most extremely radical parts of a society. That explains a lot of the less coherent stuff said around these parts.


Those radicalized moderates are scary!

Wait wut?


Radicalized center/moderates is an oxymoron. As soon as they’re radicalized they’re neither center or moderates.

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Apparently normal people just trying to work their way through life, make a few bucks, and mind their own business (which pretty much describes much of the center) are now “authoritarians” or something - lol


You libs aren’t very smart…but that’s OK. You’re only radicalizing the working moderates in America.




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Libs ignorance will be their downfall.


I m not sure of the terminology…

But you are correct that leftists need division and anger to maintain their hold on power. The senile old bought and paid for piece of garbage in the White House just called 73 million trump voters “semi fascists”.

Here’s what I think the clown car on the left is afraid of.

The Virginia Governor’s race…people of both parties in this case parents coming together to stand up to the lying about and indoctrination of their children.

I keep telling the kook fringe left on this forum to be careful what they wish for…you push authoritarian lies (remember them telling us “there’s no CRT” when it was right there on the VA department of education website!).

The most extreme and dangerous element of our society are the big government state-ists on the left. They derive their power from accusing the rest of us of the extremism they themselves are involved in daily…


People wanting safe streets are radicalized, people wanting secured border are now radicalized, parents that want their kids educated are now radicalized, people that want limit foreign intervention are now radicalized, people that want to allow their kids to be kids are now radicalized, people that believe you should pay your own collage education is now radicalized.

Those are moderate positions that YOU libs have radicalized. They are moderates…American center and they are all pushing back.

As I said…only a lib can radicalize the moderate center of America…congrats.


The irony would be hilarious if it wasn’t just so sad to watch in real time.

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Now I understand more what you’re saying. The radical left is making something that was a normal mainstream position five minutes ago seem radical.


And they are speaking out more and more…even to a point that authoritarians libs want to sic homeland security on em.

But it doesn’t change their position now does it? They are moderate positions that libs have radicalized.

And that what really scares libs.

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People refusing the accept a free and fair election, who support a lunatic who thinks he shouldbe reinstated, and thinks TS documents are his to keep…they have been radicalized into thinking all of american government is broken

Biden gave a speech yesterday supporting the very subject you think he labels radical.

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Neither can conservatives. Neither can Trump. :rofl:


Why did Biden give a speech about wanting safe streets if he wants that position to be viewed as radical?