Reagan's daughter on what Reagan would think about what Trump is doing to America

So, I heard a lot of comparisons of Trump to Reagan during the 2016 campaign, and I said several times that Trump was no Reagan by a long-shot. Well, Patti Davis - Reagan’s daughter - has pretty much backed up what I said in a letter written to mark the anniversary of Reagan’s death.

Among other things, she has stated that her father would have condemned Trump’s abuse of power and incendiary rhetoric. But, she didn’t restrict her comments to Trump alone. She also mentioned that her father would be appalled that Congress isn’t standing up to the abuses of power coming from the Executive branch these days.

The full story is at the link below:

They don’t like this thread.


Reagan would have loved Trump… How is Trump abusing power?

That daughter is quite apt to say anything. Always quite the liberal rebel.

Well, looks like they’ll have to make room for Patti under the bus.

Reagan was a respectable man and Nancy was a great woman. They would not only condemn him - they would fight to remove him from office. In fact, no ex-president wants to see the office disgraced like Trump is doing.

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Clearly Trumpsters know Reagan better than his daughter.

All past POTUS would be appalled by Trump. There’s a reason he’s embraced by the dictators of the world…

Despite her political leanings, I’d say his daughter knows Reagan better than anyone on this board.

Exactly!! She was and apparently still is a rebel along with her brother.

Her ability to be truthful about him I would question. She and Ron seemed to resent their dad very much and both are lefties politically.

Maureen would have been honest.

Bingo! Very true.

It would appear they are butt hurt over what the daughter of their other hero is saying - lol

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You resent her dad more than she does.

To be expected from Patty. I would be shocked if she said otherwise. :roll_eyes:I don’t believe a word she says which is nothing new on my part.

Well that makes no sense.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what credentials you have, if you criticize or insult the dear leader, you are the enemy. The cult continues.


“She changed her last name to her mother’s maiden name, Davis, in an effort to have an independent career.[3] She was active in the anti-nuclear movement before her father was elected president, and continued her activism through his term, stirring controversy and creating strife in the family.”

How dare she invoke her fathers name in politics when she opposed her fathers political positions during his life.

Why not? …

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Yes Ron and Patty are leftists. Michael Reagan is the one conservative in the family. And I honestly don’t know what Michael thinks of Trump.

I do wonder if we will ever have another traditional president in our lifetime, or if we are so used to celebrity and addicted to it if this will be the norm.

Maybe Ds will nominate Oprah next time.

She didn’t agree with her fathers positions during his life, even knowing it served as a family embarrassment. That puts her in no position of representing him politically today (not that anyone could…but certainly not someone opposed to his positions then.
Political insight is not inherited in the DNA.