Ready for Gender Neutral Potatoes?

Is this some sort of bad comedy monologue?

It isn’t enough for leftists to have Pride groups in every other adult workplace and university campus. Now new views about gender must be included in little kids’ toys :exploding_head:

Coming soon to fine toy departments near you, potato toys in all of 72 genders. What besides gender could hold back ordinary potatoes?

A Mr or Mrs Fryer, maybe? :astonished:

Trying to appeal to 30 year old millennials.

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Oh hey more culture war.

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It’s amazing the things that trigger boomers, isn’t it? I’m sure the kids will totally care what they’re called.

Whose a boomer? Last I heard the final year for the Baby Boomer era was 1964.

And whose “triggered”?

We’re laughing ourselves silly here.

Hey, you forgot to wind in the CCP into your post

I can only imagine being on the side trying to rationalize and defend that there is 72 genders. There is more of a chance you will meet allah and get 72 virgins.

why do you care if someone want to be a boy or a girl.
what relevance does it have on your life.

The boomers on Fox where not laughing they were quite serious about this for the 20 mins they talked about it.

Because they’re not relevant here?

Because this is American Liberal foolishness?

no this is free market capitalism.
they are trying to sell plastic potatoes.

what demographic just entered parenting age.


Plastic Potatoes only have two genders

What! You don’t believe in science?

Because there is treatment for mental illness and agreeing with them isn’t a treatment.

Trigger Boomers?

What abject liberal stupidity did it take to trigger Hasbro into de-genderizing a toy? You’re right. Kids aren’t going to give a damn what sex the damned potatoes are. Who was the neutering done for? Certainly not boomers.

Stupid libs. They can’t even leave kids’ toys alone.

This society is losing its mind.



It’s a plastic toy where the ear and mouth rarely go in the correct place.

Not everything is a culture war.

20 and 30 plus year old

How many conservative young people use terms like “gender neutral”?

Sorry, this is American liberal nonsense.

The world will survive a world where a plastic potato toy is not gendered on the box it comes in.

Consumerism will survive.

Liberal foolishness directed by…?:thinking:

The desire to sell products and services.

Oh, I am sure the CCP link is there somewhere😉