Reading Mod notes

Recently … most recently in the Peace in the Middle East thread … I have not been able to read Mod notes by clicking on them. To see what was noted by the Mod, I have to quote the post and view it in the reply text box. Is that now the routine method or is something amiss with the software?

Mod Note

Test. What does this say?

It says “Test. What does this say?”

It says nothing when I click on it. It only reveals itself to me if I do as I described in the OP.

This is sounding more and more Apple as the thread goes on. lol

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This is occurring on my ACER descktop using MS Windows.

Cached cleared yet?

Yes … yesterday. This has been occurring on the desktop for some time.

I just checked, it works just fine on my wife’s iPad.

Its not a big deal … I was just curious if there was some issue on your end.

Tried a different browser?


No, it’s you. Your computer is probably either frozen or has polar bear crap in it.


It must be IE … it works with Chrome

Same with that Summary thing.


On behalf of web developers everywhere, please don’t use IE.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Pop up blocker?