Re-opening state by state - staking up to be far from a true bi-partisan meld

Here is an article state by state with a recap as of April 20th on each of their current plans.

Seems like a pattern is emerging “mostly” on party lines between Blue v Red Governor’s.

Anybody else notice how certain RED states in fairly decent shape with the virus trending past peak still appearing to be afraid to proclaim more specific plans and dates to start re-opening?

For example, Democrat Governor in Colorado only lessening the safer at home guidelines effective April 27th.

Or Hawaii stay at home order expires April 30th, yet their phased-in approach is still in planning phase.

To be fair, Montana is an outlier where Democrat Governor Bullock doing a phased reopening including places of worships starting this Sunday, April 26th.

Utah is most likely planning a phased re-opening starting May 1st. A lot of discression is being left to the regional health districts. Our has allowed the local swimming pool to do a small controlled opening. NO open swim, but those who do water arrobics can call and reserve time. They only allow 5 people in the pool at a time for an hour max.

As long as we have plenty of Lysol on hand all will be good.


The best cleaner is elbow grease; one where able working Americans still on the side line return to work.

Our civil liberties are under attack.

Many local governments are already broke, and long before this pandemic.

These governors will not save us from devastation either.

As such, time for us citizens to act even more responsibly.

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Democrat administrations were failing to manage their cities and states properly before the Wuhan Virus. There is no reason to expect them to lead their cities to effectively deal with the virus now, nor to effectively reactivate their economies.

Sure. Do whatever you feel you need to. Up to now people have been very patient. But some are getting desperate and starting to push back. When those numbers get to about 30 or 40 percent, it will be game over. The people will force the economy to open again. If it doesn’t open before then.