Re[. Coleman gets Covid after sheltering with massless


What kind of ■■■■■■■ doesn’t put a mask on while hunkering down with others in close quarters?

“Following the events of Wednesday, including sheltering with several colleagues who refused to wear masks, I decided to take a Covid test. I have tested positive,” the congresswoman tweeted.

A statement from her office said that the congresswoman “believes she was exposed during protective isolation in the US Capitol building as a result of insurrectionist riots. As reported by multiple news outlets, a number of members within the space ignored instructions to wear masks.”

Really? Which republican did she get it from? Did they do contact tracing?

I thought they all got vaccinated.

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They don’t know yet - they are just now calling for everyone to get tests, but not everyone is apparently.

She has the first shot, is experiencing cold like symptoms, and going to eh hospital out of caution because of her age.

Sounds dicey. A hospital bed is a great idea. Maybe they can get her that booster vaccine dose while she is there.

I suppose they don’t have to. We are still semi free (for now).

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Who among those republicans was positive for covid?

The only time we know of that members positive for covid have been physically present was when democrats carrying it came to vote in person for Nancy as SOTH.


Anyone who has been vaccinated is going to test positive for the antibodies if the vaccine is working properly.


Probably caught it from them. Doesn’t fit the OP narrative of course.

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She could have gotten it literally anywhere.


That’s true. That doesn’t fit the narrative either.

Lots of people have had it at this point.


That article doesn’t say that.

Seriously? This just might have won stupidity award and week is far from over.

No offense to OP either.

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Wot, no accusations of racism?

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That’s not true.

The entire purpose of the vaccine is for your body to produce antibodies to the virus.

don’t tell me. Tell the the CDC>

They seem to be aware of it. Perhaps you should have read the link before posting it.

If your body develops an immune response—the goal of vaccination—there is a possibility you may test positive on some antibody tests. Antibody tests indicate you had a previous infection and that you may have some level of protection against the virus. Experts are currently looking at how COVID-19 vaccination may affect antibody testing results.

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She tested positive for COVID, not antibodies. They are two different tests.

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