Ratcliffe will not be DNI

Well, Racliffe won’t be DNI. Once again, the Trump administration is a well oiled machine:



He was a terrible choice.

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Lol…trial balloon

Life comes at you fast.

Well… that sort of thing tends to happen when you nominate someone completely unqualified for the job.

But it’s the liberal media’s fault…

The buck always stops… somewhere waaaaaaaay over in liberal land.


It was over the moment McConnell failed to wholeheartedly endorse him.

Didn’t ole boy lie about the amount of deportations

The problem wasn’t that he but that the liberal media reported the lies, unlike conservative media, which think lying proves fitness for office. And R’s in the Senate couldn’t accept filling a non-partisan position with a hyper-partisan.




dont remember the last time i heard this expression. well done!

Hahahahaha pathetic and weak tweets.

Low energy. Sleepy sad.

Did he really say lamestream media? Even the posters here stopped using her years ago.

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Unfortunately now they’ll start up again.

Obama’s DNI, Clapper lied a lot.


James Clapper’s perjury, and why DC made men don’t get charged for lying to Congress

Clapper isn’t there any more… Trump hires the best… Drain the swamp … He is a great Christian

Good points…

Is the media to blame for Trumps bad choices?

It’s not like he picked Clapper …

You didn’t answer the question.

It was a “When did you stop beating your wife question”… Obviously…

He raped his wife, I don’t know if Trump beat her too…