RAT PARADISE: California Considers BANNING RAT POISON, Cites Threat to Environment

Originally published at: RAT PARADISE: California Considers BANNING RAT POISON, Cites Threat to Environment | Sean Hannity

California officials are struggling to clampdown on the escalating rat crisis sweeping the region, but are considering banning powerful rodenticides due to their impact on local wildlife and the environment.

“To fight back, building officials set out a controversial type of rat poison whose use may soon be banned statewide by the California Legislature. The poison didn’t stay out very long once word got out the state’s top environmental regulators were using a poison widely condemned by California’s powerful environmental groups,” reports the Sacramento Bee.

“The state is seeing a troubling resurgence of rodents, which can carry a wide array of diseases that have been around since the Middle Ages. The megalopolis of Los Angeles County, for one, has seen skyrocketing cases of one such disease, typhus. At the same time, researchers are finding widely used rodent poisons at sometimes lethal levels in the bodies of beloved California predators such as birds of prey and mountain lions,” adds the newspaper.

To make matters worse, the region’s homeless crisis skyrocketed in recent weeks.

“San Francisco recently released the results of its 2019 point-in-time homeless census conducted in January, and the news appeared nothing less than disastrous, as SF’s homeless headcount increased by the hundreds despite the city’s seemingly ceaseless efforts to provide relief,” reports Curbed San Francisco.

San Mateo County’s homeless count spiked up to 1,512, more than 20 percent more than the 1,253 count from two years ago, and up from 1,483 in 2015,” adds the website.

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