Raptors invite Fans to sing the National Anthem

heading into game 5 and a possible historic first victory in team history, the Raptors have invited the live crowd to sing the national anthem in place of a high profile professional singer. Its quite common for Canadian to sing the national anthem at sporting events as seen during Game 1.

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I’m hyped. I don’t like superteams, I like Kawhi, and I want to see Lowry be happy on a team he was with forever after they traded his friend.

Chills Canada does have one of the best anthems.


Canada is a huge multicultural country the game is being broadcast in a dozen languages.

Agreed. I feel the same way about the old Soviet National Anthem. The ideology might have sucked but the anthem rocked it.

Good luck tonight Canada.

KD going back down rough for GS but they can still pull it off