Rap star banned from Twitter after "Make sure you're comfortable with ur decision, not bullied"?

Rap star Nicki Manji tweeted a description about a possible reaction to the COVID vaccine that ended with “Make sure you’re comfortable with ur decision, not bullied”.

Swollen Balls And Censorship? Nicki Minaj Story Gets Even Weirder | ZeroHedge

Dr. Fauci reponded by saying that there is “no evidence” that the incident was vaccine-related.
Fauci says there is “no evidence” to support Nicki Minaj’s suggestion that the COVID vaccine causes impotency - CBS News

Twitter has banned Minaj even though she made no claim that the vaccine caused the problems.

Is the party line now “submit to bullying or else”?

Ummm…not banned.





I see no recent tweets from her, and there are reports of her being in “Twitter jail”.

The ban on new posts is probably temporary. Maybe she can get time off for good behavior.

Conservatives pretending to care about a Rapper they don’t listen to around friends :rofl:

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LOL. “She made no claim that the vaccine caused problems.” That’s incredibly misleading–just using the ending of the tweet is ridiculous. Also, she wasn’t banned from Twitter, so that’s . . . incorrect, to use a generous term.

No one gave Nicki Minaj ■■■■ because she said, “Make sure you’re comfortable with your decision, not bullied.”

Rather, she was rightfully mocked for posting this ■■■■■■■■■


She tweeted 15 hours ago.

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Yes, that may be before Twitter sent her to jail. We will see if there is further confirmation of the ban.

But invite Common to the White House and all hell breaks loose

My favorite part of that thread was people calling him a gangster rapper


This is all just hype leading up to her followup of her hit single “■■■” called “Swoll Balls” and there is word that DJ Big Ben Shapiro collaborated.


I am not a fan of her music, but agree 100% with her statement, “Make sure you’re comfortable with ur decision, not bullied.”

Should she be silenced for stating this opinion?

Should the government be demanding more censorship from Tech monopolies such as Twitter?
Democrats use Big Tech hearings to demand more censorship (nypost.com)

What does the first amendment mean when the government harasses companies to silence opposing views?

Common instigated the East Coast/West Coast muppet war.

Seriously, these people are so lost and broken.

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Now, for all you lurkers, this is good hannity.com form.

When you start a thread based on bad faith, lies, and garbage-information to own the libs, you just have to keep plowin.’ Double down. Stack the sandbags. Regret nothing!

Also: cite ZeroHedge.


Rap musicians are not allowed to include controversial opinions in their music?

When did we pass that law?

Now you are just playing us.


Now, the easy glide to the straw man.

This is great form—a clinic!


I was wondering when the “swollen balls” due to vaccine tweet was gonna surface forum side…:joy:

Picked up by Tucker so I knew it would surface eventually

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Photo from post-vaccine ward of a Trinidad hospital


Five internet points to anyone who can name the movie from which this is taken!


Johnny Dangerously


I was going to guess Top Secret but only get to guess once. Once!!!