Rant at Doctors

I had a 3:30 appointment today.

It took me 1/2 hour to get there.

40 minutes later, after sitting in my car in 95 degree heat and almost 100% humidity for 20 minutes (because only one person is admitted at a time) I get a call.

“Are you ready to come in now?” Fortunately, I’d already left and was on my way home.

My answer was: “No. I’m not coming in. I was there as agreed. You were running behind but could not have the common courtesy to account for MY time?”

It’s probably BS but I’m thinking of sending my doctor a bill for my wasted time. My time is just as valuable as theirs. Quite frankly? My billable hours are greater than theirs.

Enough is enough.

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Are you saying that before the shutdown, you never had to wait 20 minutes for your doctor’s appointment? You were always let in on time?

And after a whole 20 minutes, rather than calling them and asking for an ETA, you just left?

Guess your doctor’s appointment wasn’t that important.

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No Alex. What I am saying is that doctors need to start respecting the time of their patients.


It is very frustrating. I don’t know why they were keeping people in vehicles in that kind of heat. Should have been allowed to wait in their AC, spaced out, with masks on.

Sometimes something bad happens, a patient is sicker than anticipated, an emergency, whatever.

At least had you been able to wait inside it would have been easier to get an idea of the wait time.

I have never got to see my doctor on time which is why I converted to telemedicine years ago. Not suitable for everything but more times than not it saves me a trip.

Yes, it is Lucy.

But, I had a break in thinking.

You know? I pay THEM.

In my business, if I made someone wait for 40 minutes? Good Gawds. I’d be out of business.

WHY do we accept this from doctors?


Of course and I understand that. A text would be appreciated: “We are running 20 minutes behind”.


Not all things can be converted to telemedicine.

And??? I Commented on that. No one ever said it could.

Try live health online. If you dont have insurance its a flat fee of $59. Fantastic service.

I agree with that.

I am with you 100% on this. The question I have is why were you sitting there in the heat? I wouldn’t do that for anybody.

It isn’t just doctors, all of society is getting this way. A vendor asked if I had time for a meeting at 4:00 at my office. That kind of annoys me but ok, I’ll stay until 5 even though traffic is a mess at that point and I came in at 6… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: 4:40, I’m on my way home and I get a call. “Hey, where are you? I thought we had a meeting and the receptionist said you just left?” … My response was “I’m sorry, we won’t need your companies services. If you can’t be on time for an appointment, having been 40 minutes late, then how would I trust that you can make a delivery on time? Thanks for your time and best of luck.”… I ignored emails for about a month and gave him a second shot. He called me 10 minutes after the meeting was supposed to start and said he was stuck in traffic. I informed him that I didn’t want to hear from him again. My co-worker said “Dude, he got stuck in traffic, that’s not his fault.” Actually, yes it was. You live in Houston, you know traffic is sometimes a mess, get there early. In 25 years in Houston, I’ve been late for ONE appointment and it’s because I was in a car wreck and the police REALLY don’t respect your time!

I’m sorry, but people just don’t respect your time and until we hold them accountable, they’ll continue to do the same thing. If I go to an appointment where I’m the customer and the appointment time comes and goes, I walk up, inform them that my time is valuable and leave. I’ve done that to three dentists now. They get a 15 minute window. After that, they lose my business. If we all did the same thing, maybe they would stop crunching their schedule together so tight that they’re keeping people waiting constantly. Of course, on the other hand, if dolts would show up to their appointments, maybe they wouldn’t be in that position to begin with. Often times they over book because a lot of folks just don’t show. My wife had that problem for a while with counseling. She fixed it. If you don’t show for your appointment, your credit card gets charged as if you showed up because she cannot charge the insurance. The people that intend to show up don’t have an issue with that rule, the ones that are flaky won’t set the appointment.


Dude… I have excellent insurance. Not all things can be done online.

My point is. Stop treating doctors as though their time is more valuable than yours.

It isn’t so.

If you have an appointment time, and they can’t keep their side of the bargain, walk the hell out of there. Not only that? But do what I am contemplating: Bill them for MY TIME for a broken agreement.

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I left. The lemmings stayed.

Jesus you got a bit offended there didnt you. The excellent insurance comment was a bit extraneous.

Go on then bill them and stop whining about it.

Because no one will let patients sit in the waiting room.

Been there, done that my friend.

That is my bottom line. Doctors, just like you and me? Need to be held accountable for OUR time.


Not at all. I’m making a point.

It is very relevant. I can pay top dollar. Why should they waste my time when my time is just as or not more valuable than theirs?

I’m not whining. Quite frankly I told them if they cannot respect my time I’ll find someone else who will.

I’m sick and tired of doctors overbooking and you and I being treated like our time doesn’t matter.

You made an appointment at a designated time? Hold up your end of the bargain. I’m tired of the one way street.

Here’s my other problem. I needed a checkup for my company. They billed my company $300 for the visit. I went in, had my vitals taken, maybe 5 minutes. I sat in a room for 10 minutes, doctor came in, spent less than 5 minutes with me and left… 5 minutes later, a lady came in and walked me out, handing me a piece of paper. At MOST, I spent 30 minutes there which is $600 an hour. For this twit to come in, listen to my heart, ask me a few questions and jot a note down… I spent $300? (Well, my company) … What the ever living hell folks? :rage:

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