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May the best candidate win in Arizona

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Looks like an early call for Lesko. No surprise there. I’m curious about the margin.

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Lesko won by only five points in district the Democrats didn’t even run a candidate a few years ago and Trump won by 20. Plus the RNC spent money and the DNC didn’t…interesting.

Looks he can’t help lying. “Press is so silent”

From the front page on the NY Times:


If you’re innocent, why are you taking the fifth?

Good question.

Guess who tweeted this.

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Slim, Uncle Donald said it.

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University Offers ‘Cry Closet’ For Stressed-Out Snowflakes… wow, this is really something. :smile:

If I wear my MAGA hat in NYC, I can be denied service. What is America coming to? Liberal safe spaces, llama cuddlies, crying rooms, etc etc. How are libs supposed to deal with real World issues.