RAND PAUL: ‘The Only Person We Know Colluded with Russia was HILLARY CLINTON’ | Sean Hannity

Senator Rand Paul continued to call-out the media’s blatant double-standard surrounding allegations of Russian-collusion this week, saying the “only person” we actually know “colluded with Russia” was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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Let’s give Muller and his so called bias and bigoted team new orders. Have them investigate Hillary and the Democratic party for collusion, then charge her and whomever else involved, indict, prosecute and send them all to prison where they belong.

Still the Russian collusion. Just consider:

There are no ongoing Russian investigations in any Western election that took place since 2016…except USA

Every election commission report says that the 2016 elections were intact, so how does interference and meddling work? given Russian IT, Russiam data companies, Russian military hackers…and so on were supposed to be involved. You can see how easy it is to evolve fairy stories, one after another. There is no need for evidence just rely on on the American intelligence services because they have no axe to grind.

People like McCain are promulgating these stories and being treacherous to the US President and to ordinary Americans because their endgame is to wreck the Russia economy and bring down Donald Trump at the same time.