Rand Paul outs the whistleblower - 2 questions

  1. Why did he do this? What is the point of it? The only thing that comes to mind is, he wants this whistleblower to pay a price for doing what they thought was the right thing. Can anyone offer a different explanation?

  2. What does everyone here think of this? Seems like a violation of the law to me. I used to enjoy Rand Paul’s take on things - and I agree with some libertarian stances - but in the trump era he has become increasingly…odd.

What law did he violate?

That’s a good question - is violating the confidentiality requirements of the whistleblower act in and of itself ‘breaking the law’?

I would think it is, but I don’t really know.

Whistleblower laws do not bestow anonymity. They protect against being fired or persecuted by your bosses.


Ah - got it. If that’s the case, then no, Paul didn’t break the law.

Why do you think he outed him?

So people can research his connections to the main players in the various impeachment strategies that began to be devised before Trump’s inauguration and have continued unabated ever since.


There was no purpose in it. Rand Paul was just showing what a sniveling vindictive little child he is after Roberts slapped him down.

If McConnell does his job, he’ll be censured for it.


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told Fox News on Sunday that the Ukraine whistleblower will be called before the Senate Intelligence Committee after the impeachment trial because “I want to find out how all this crap started.”

We will all know who he is.



A civil servant saw what they thought was an improper action, and rightfully reported it. The process played itself out.

Along the way about a dozen trump appointed civil servants agreed with the whistle blower.

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Why do we care? The person was doing what he thought was right. This all seems like an effort to intimidate future whistleblowers.

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That is the Democrat narrative. But there is often a great discrepancy between what Democrats say and what is fact.


You know this for a fact? How? Who has heard his testimony?

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his superiors.

And the republicans who read his report.

Who is his superiors? Which republicans read his report?

The ICIG who determined the report was credible is a Trump appointed Republican. How do you not know that?


If you know all about the whistleblower and the IG, tell us. I’m sure Lindsey Graham would like to know as well.

Huh? That made absolutely no sense whatsoever

I fixed it.

We know the ICIG found the report to be credible. So does Lindsey


Don’t you want to know the truth behind what driven this faux impeachment?

Why not compromise with me and at least find out why. Make that information transparent. What is left hiding?

And no it’s is not illegal.