RAGE: Shots Fired into Republican Party Offices in Florida, No Injuries Reported | Sean Hannity

At least four bullets were fired into the Republican Party offices in Daytona, Florida Monday; breaking the building’s windows and destroying property while injuring no one.

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Oh?..There will…You will soon hear how it was Trump’s fault!

You are right. If they were not hypocritical the Dems would be calling on Maxine Waters and Hillary and Eric Holder, et. al. to change their Rhetoric after this shooting. I don’t expect that to happen

What do you mean Sean? This is the Demoncrats that are doing the shooting! ! This is the Bolshevik Party’s Gesault tactic someday they will force us to return fire; that is their plan, they cannot allow American ideas succeed or their Globalist agenda is finished. It is why everything they do is projection! it is the Democratic Hitler’s Reichstag setting fire to the parliament building, blaming someone else! BS anyone “knows” where Hillary Clinton is really? Media, U idiots really believe she gets her own mail, or drives, or Elitest Obama, Debbie Wasserman Schultz,& not one ‘bomb’ successfully going off! The DNC’s ANTIFA is written all over this scam! Oh yeah, George Soros at 89 gets his own mail too. ANYONE that really buys into this is an idiot! The DNC’s the ‘Russians hacked the election’ which was BS; it was Debbie Wasserman Schultz that blocked the inspection of the DNC computer! Americans stop being played by these Demoncrats!

Hillary Clinton’s emails need to be AND needed to be made public! Thanks to Judicial Watch. The DNC is pissed that the dishonesty of DNC Cabal was exposed, that is what we should be talking about! NO One with 1/2 a brain would seriously believe they could pipe bomb the Queen of the ‘ameikan’ Bolshevik party; this is liked the story about her “running for cover in Bosnia under sniper fire”; while she was having a meet and greet on the tarmac. [video is on line] That you know turned out to be an Another Clinton lie! Oh Yeah, we can’t leave out CNN; such ‘victims’, this Smells like two-week old dead fish! This is an action it is to draw awareness away from the invasion paid for by the Demoncrats. OMG, I hope the American people are smarter than believing the MEGA ‘bomber’ BS! He is worst bomb maker ever. this “person” waits until Obama, Hillary is out of office. So did this MAGA 'supporter" why the wait until they are out of office and those bombs were NEVER INTENDED to go off. This guy was NEVER INTENDING to help Trump. He is a Broward County snitch! Sayco was selling steroids to that Sheriff’s officer, for which he was arrested several times.; his Aunt believes he was made to do it also. There was no NY connection, so how did he to have a “courier deliver pacages to NY’s CNN office” without stamps? Sean The "Burn’s supporter was intended to help the Demoncrats; Sayco NEVER intended to help Trump. I do not believe he could even vote with that many felones; irrespective of CNN’s garbage!

And they are willing to use fake bombings to do that, it is to distract away from what they are doing, it is called projection. Accuse the other person or group of doing the insidious conduct that your group is doing! And that is who the DNC, Brown Black shirts are. Do you really believe that his van could go Unmolested in Broward Conuty when the Demoncrats are shooting up GOP Republican Offices in FL, seriously? Nov 5, 2016 - Hillary Clinton tried to kick off the final 72 hours push of her campaign in Broward County , the state’s biggest stronghold of Democrats in Florida, … Oct 1, 2015 - Hillary Clinton will hold her first Florida organizational meeting Friday at … The Broward Sheriff’s Office, Broward College and Florida Atlantic …where is his color printer? if these ‘bombs’ could not ‘blow-up’ if you hit them with a hammer! this may be the most dysfunctional 'bomber" ever! The Deep State would never risk harm to any of those targeted.

Susan Collins, Eric Trump’s wife, the Pentagon and other government offices received letters with ground castor beans that contain ricin, and most of the media barely mentions it. Then when some guy builds and sends out bombs so incompetently made they wouldn’t even make a good training device, someone changes his online information from Green Party/Democrat to Republican and the media go all out blaming Trump. Is it any wonder that I watch the other news networks as little as possible. Oh, and I heard yesterday that Lester Holt attended a Halloween party in full makeup as Susan Boyle. Wonder how his network bosses liked that?