RAGE: Antifa Chases Ted Cruz from DC Restaurant, Threaten ‘YOU ARE NOT SAFE’

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/rage-antifa-chases-ted-cruz-from-dc-restaurant-threaten-you-are-not-safe/

An angry Antifa mob chased Texas Sen. Ted Cruz from a Washington, DC restaurant Monday; chanting “we believe survivors” and posting an ominous message on social media saying “You are not safe… We will find you.”

The footage went viral on social media minutes after being posted online, with the video showing dozens of left-wing activists confronting Cruz at a local eatery.



The incident is the latest example of left-wing demonstrators accosting Republicans and senior Trump officials at restaurants and other public places.

Earlier this year, Congresswoman Maxine Waters made national headlines when she urged her supporters to confront GOP lawmakers at “restaurants” and “department stores.”

Left-wing scumbags tried to get in between him an his wife.