RAGE: Antifa Chases Ted Cruz from DC Restaurant, Threaten ‘YOU ARE NOT SAFE’ | Sean Hannity

An angry Antifa mob chased Texas Sen. Ted Cruz from a Washington, DC restaurant Monday; chanting “we believe survivors” and posting an ominous message on social media saying “You are not safe… We will find you.”

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It was later revealed to just be Lindsay Graham.

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I’m getting a kick out of the significant different levels of outrage between this and shs getting booted from a restaurant.

We can attribute this to the fact that nobody likes Ted Cruz.

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AntiFa are poisonous mold on the stale biscuit that is the Left.

As a resident of DC, let me say that the less time the foreign born son of a co-conspirator of Kennedy’s assassination with an ugly wife spend in our local watering holes the better.

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Do you kick people out of restaurants you don’t like?
Maybe we can attribute it to Democratic Congresswomen who call for this kind of action.

He wasn’t kicked out, just boo’ed out because Nobody Likes Ted Cruz

He wasn’t kicked out. He chose to leave.


Did you respond to the wrong post?

Sort of. I thought you were justifying the gang action involved, but you were talking about why you thought there wasnt that much outrage over it.

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Just like MLK Jr. predicted…we now judge people on the content of their character.

The gangs around me are notorious for booing people too. Sometimes they’ll even give you a good tongue lashing too.

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out in public the gang around me has class, minds their own business and respects other people’s opinions no matter how idiotic or destructive to society

Sounds nice. The gangs around me also like to hang out in milk bars.

The West Side Booers?

They’re making a movie about it. It’s due out next year.

Time for Republicans to have a few bodyguards on hand to ask for the names of these harassers. Then, get together some anti-AntiFa to go harass them when they’re trying to have dinner.

Go right ahead. Make it so.

I missed the part where he said you don’t let them eat in public restaurants if you don’t like his character.

bruce ohr??