RADICAL LEFT: Liberal Mag Defends Omar’s Anti-Semitic Comments, Compares to Martin Luther King

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/radical-left-liberal-mag-defends-omars-anti-semitic-comments-compares-to-martin-luther-king/

Liberal magazine Salon publicly defended Rep. Ilhan Omar’s vicious anti-Semitic rhetoric this week; saying the “super-strict language” police are unfairly targeting the progressive politician to discredit her anti-Israeli comments.

“The reason, of course, is sensitivity to language — a sensitivity that’s wildly asymmetric in America today. Language matters, of course — but so do context, history, intent and willingness to enter into dialogue. All of which seem to be utterly lacking in the rush to pillory Omar for things she did not say,” writes the author.

“She’s being painted as an enemy to that order by the folks who are its real enemies — Donald Trump and his Republican fellow travelers, most obviously, but also those like the ‘white moderates’ whom Martin Luther King Jr. came to see as the greatest obstacles to justice,” adds the article.

“It was weak-willed moderate pseudo-allies like that who drove Martin Luther King Jr. to distraction. Nevertheless, he persisted. So will Ilhan Omar, no doubt,” concludes the author.

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