Racist violence threat keeps Charlottesville schools closed

Honest to God, I thought all this racist stuff would be gone by the time I was in my 50s. I was so, so wrong. It’s worse now than when I was a kid.

Anyway, they’re investigating…

"The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that a person claiming to be a student at Charlottesville High School, one of the region’s largest schools, warned white students to stay at home so they could shoot dead non-white students in an act of “ethnic cleansing.”

A certain president has told me that there are good people on both sides.


I wonder where this ■■■■ head got this idea

Sounds concrete. Thanks for bringing it to the board.

How come no thread about the high on drugs black kid who brought a gun to school a few days ago??

Btw, this happened in a town where just a few years ago, a young black man was arrested after posting on social media that it was time to purge and kill all of the white people in that town, with a #blacklivesmatter hashtag.

So start a thread.

Exactly. There’s a really quick solution to seeing no thread on a topic - create a thread. It only takes a few minutes.



TrumpFlakes cant lead with their own thoughts

I just want to know why someone who is sooooooooooooooooooooo concerned about racism, AND (potential) gun violence, had no idea that these two (very likely unconnected) incidents occurred.

Whatever happened to Virginia’s governor and attorney general? I haven’t heard if they resigned yet for the blackface incidents.

Win win for the trump base…

They get more members to join their cause and keep from school…

It puts the deplorable in the basket or else it gets the hose again.


Racist “stuff” still happens because Democrats insist on it!! :angry: America is the most diverse country in the world but Democrats do nothing but hammer identity politics and racial division 24/7!


That’s the only way a guy like jussie smollett coukd ever think he could get away with what he tried.

Probably some kid wanting to get out of taking a test.

I wish we could stop talking about this racism thing all the time. I get it, people are racist, so what? Both sides do it. Nobody is innocent here. Let’s just agree to not talk about it so nobody has to feel bad about the ugliness in the world. If we ignore it long enough it’ll probably go away on it’s own. Or at least we don’t have to think about it anymore.


Translation: I do not wish to address violence by white people…let’s just talk about violence by black people because that’s the only thing I want to notice.



Or Susan Smith, or Ashley Todd, or Ryan Lochte, or…you get the picture, well, you probably don’t…

I keep telling everyone that the Q cult is in panic mode and making a resurgence. These are not good people.

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